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Why You Need a Public Persona

Happy Monday!

At least, I hope it is. It’s technically Sunday right now, but this topic came up and wouldn’t let me go. So here I sit, on a Sunday evening, writing a post for Monday. 1,037 more words

Creeper Case File #3: Doorstep Guy

All names in this post have been changed.

This story begins seemingly innocently enough. Someone rang the doorbell at the house where a friend of mine lived. 914 more words

The Stalker and the Sociopath #5

This man I met on line, ultimately was the cause of my first and only mental break down.  He made promises he never kept, he was totally unreliable and when I called him out on it, he’d place all the blame on me.  1,693 more words

Mental Illness

Some read because they care and SOME read because they wish they didn't.

“There will always be those who only look for you to see if you have fallen. It is because they do not want to stay on the bottom by themselves. 21 more words


Blame the World

Blame is an amazing concept. It allows so many to free themselves from responsibility. Whether it be from the responsibility of owning their actions, from accepting and relaying the truth, or even from admitting their failures. 273 more words


Panera comes to its senses on guns

Until a few days ago, I had no idea what ‘open carry’ meant.  What I came to find out caused great astonishment.  Apparently, in some states where the NRA rules supreme, people can carry their loaded weapons in public.  464 more words


Stalkers Repeat Themselves

All stalkers will continue to repeat themselves over and over again. As a victim of a cyber stalker, you may be finding that these evil people are continuously sending us the same messages with the same content and with the same emotional topics being rehashed over and over again. 250 more words