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Inertia of Adrenaline (and How to Get out of an Elevator)

The title succinctly speaks of how I’m feeling at this moment. Not really an important incident, since I’m totally safe and such shit happens to everyone, but: 1,054 more words



I had only published a post or two about the fact that many, many people and industries have failed to realise it’s both a small world and lies of oddballs in it when I read the story I have linked below! 1,478 more words

My Catfish Story

So, there’s this show on MTV called “Catfish” where people meet others online and start a romantic relationship. It all sounds good and dandy(and a little bit unsafe) but when one of the “lovers” flies thousands of miles to meet the other, it usually turns out the other was using pictures that’s not them. 1,022 more words


Does stalker deserve second chance?

I don’t know if I should write about this. It’s very real and kind of creepy, so if that kind of stuff turns you off, you should look away now. 1,151 more words

Wine Tasting, Learning About Wine

I Am A Horrible Human Being

As much as I sometimes pretend to wish that I could be a genuinely sweet individual, my inner monologue tends to giggle at the thought and reply with a quick “fuck that shit.” Outside of working with children or attempting to impress potential employers at interviews, I’m a rather cynical person. 1,964 more words


Twitter: Part One "The Beginning"

● Twitter: Part One “The Beginning” ●


Social media was a concept of obsession that I have always found to be repulsively self-gratifying. I am by no means innocent from obsessing with this destructive platform. 1,011 more words