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PSYCHO (1960) ...............

Here we are today with a look at one of the classics of horror and the most important thing to me is to address this poster. 3,303 more words


Online Dating Part 2-Making Contact!

Now that you have created your profile and clicked, “Done,” you are on your way to the adventures of online dating! So how does all of this work? 976 more words


War on Women: Gun Control

Because guns might hurt the wrong person…or something.

Important note to remember: the Bad Guy here had rope, gloves and a knife. Not a gun.¬† … 313 more words



Stalkers are normally those people who are weak, losers, attention seekers and who have nothing worthwhile to do in their lives. They are not learners, their purpose is to stalk what is going on in personal lives of others and pick out the meaning what they want to see. 284 more words


Safety on the board

are you an escort or hobbyist  being stalked by a former client? Join http://www.discreeteencounters.com we will not allow your stalker to contact you or view the site. 533 more words

How to Win at the Dating Game and Other Mythologies

Most people with average emotional intelligences will agree that there’s something super creepy about a person who refuses to take no for an answer. There’s old fashioned persistence from the suitor who feels that he or she knows better than you do what you need from a romantic partner, like flowers sent to your job on a Monday. 298 more words