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Whatever madcap and despicable scheme that Dick and his ever-faithful Mutt came up with, just never managed to achieve the desired result. 13 more words


(Female) Stalkers, False Allegations, and Restraining Order Abuse

Restraining orders are maliciously abused—not sometimes, but often. Typically this is done in heat to hurt or hurt back, to shift blame for abusive misconduct, or to gain the upper hand in a conflict that may have far-reaching consequences. 1,593 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Be curious, not judgmental

It’s only human to be curious but it is inhuman to be judgmental. That is at least how I tend to look at it – without being too judgmental ofcourse. 163 more words



Stalkers is a book of thriller stories and is an anthology written by various authors. I got this as a gift in exchange for a review. 115 more words

Book Reviews

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

My pleas fell on deaf ears.

Proof is more than “I feel”. He said he felt I was lying. But he would not listen. Because the truth is not convenient. 450 more words

Anna & Manning

The charity gathering was still on. By now everybody had found company to carry on the night. After talking to the host. Her eyes went across the room and met the stare of her possible match. 124 more words