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Cinna's last song


…it’s late and Cinna is tired but the Big Ones are restless and Cinna is singing to them. It’s a song his mother taught him, although he doesn’t remember it very well, actually he doesn’t remember his mother at all so much, but it doesn’t really matter, as the Big Ones don’t pay attention to the words much, more just to the way he sings them. 780 more words


Into the Wild: the Low Budget Sequel

Have you ever watched the show Naked and Afraid? It’s some terrible reality show where people intentionally wander around in their birthday suits in harsh environments for some stupid prize. 2,560 more words


Survival of prostate cancer patients diagnosed with M1 disease in the modern era

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the projected survival time for a man diagnosed with evident metastatic prostate cancer (then called D2 disease and now known as TxNxM1 disease) was about 18 to 36 months. 490 more words


Bon Om Touk - Water Festival

This one is a little late, but we had the week off at the beginning of the month for Bon Om Touk… the Cambodian Water Festival. 422 more words


Thought For The Day

I considered standing outside the doors of the local superstore before they opened at midnight on Black Friday, shouting:

“Remember people, you will save even more money if you don’t buy anything at all!”

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Black Friday Shoppers

My headlights sent a beam down the country road, slicing the early morning darkness as I drove toward town. I parked in a crowded lot, then hurried to claim my spot in the short queue outside the glass double doors of Wal-Mart, the newest, and only, big box store in our small Louisiana town. 220 more words

Violet Carr Moore

What's the deal with crowds?

We move around each other like electrons, apparently.

All urbanites know the intricate unspoken laws of how to move in crowds. You don’t touch anyone. You keep at least a foot of space between you. 391 more words