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A Chest Full of Loot

Okay, so it’s more of a water damaged cardboard box full of loot, but hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? I received this package from my Father last week. 294 more words


Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What's in a Name?

So the question asked was:

What’s the origin of your’s horse’s barn name and show name?

So Stampede first. I use his registered name for shows as well, and kind of wish I had used something else because I think it almost sounds rodeo or something. 500 more words


The Challenge is over... and a new countdown!!

Well, my 12 weeks challenge is officially over, as of today. I’ll be weighing myself tonight to find out how I’ve done, although I suspect my final number may not reflect the true amount of change that’s taken place. 310 more words

The Challenge

Survived another deadline

So I pretty much disappeared as I got close to the October 15th deadline at work (all extended individual returns and many state business returns are due this day) so I could keep enough time for work and ponies. 618 more words


Trying to Escape Death: Part I

Angry stampedes of grey and black bodies of Oxen are rummaging through the desert at lighting speed. The sound of millions of hoofs clamoring down on the clay, while dramatic music and a choir exemplify the danger of these beasts. 24 more words


Careful there!

I’d like to share the best buffalo stampede I’ve ever seen, thanks to Martin Hanford and his “Where’s Wally?” books.

Obviously this shot appears in the “In Hollywood” book. 11 more words

And All Is Always Now

I Am the Walrus

     We’ve all seen the photos of polar bears losing their habitat due to climate warming.  Well, now another species is going to become a poster child for climate change – the walrus. 281 more words

Climate Change