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What Have I Done?!?

Years ago, I told a boss I had three companies after me, and I wanted a raise. He gave it to me, then asked which companies were after me. 432 more words


Do You Qualify To Be An Adult?

This has been an interesting week, yet a very exhausting one at the same time.  I feel like at the present time I truly am living the life of a comic as I am both wounded and conflicted about my comedy and a couple key areas of my life. 1,460 more words

Stand-up Comedy

The Second City Improv Showcases

The Second City Training Center in Hollywood has their half-hour improv comedy showcases Friday nights at 10pm. It features two 15-minute ensemble showcases wherein a group of performers take a suggestion from the audience and build an entire show from an audience members’ one word suggestions. 161 more words


Goulash! Yuk!

Have you ever noticed that the older you get, the more junk you put in your tuna?

My daughter, Sarah, asked me that when she was young. 398 more words


A Lesson Learned About Being Biased Toward a Comic: Why I'm Now a Lachlan Patterson Fan

Like many comics, I watched Last Comic Standing on NBC. One of the comics that got my attention early on, during his second set, was Lachlan Patterson. 543 more words


Observations From an Open Mic: Joke-Telling Time Used for a Water Break

My observation and thoughts for this post revolve around a young man and something he did a couple of weeks ago. Now, I don’t want to seem harsh on him, because he is doing a lot of really good things. 433 more words


You're Famous!

Last year, Monica Seles was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She grunted in appreciation.

There are various levels of fame. Sometimes, a person may be famous within their field of work, but not a household name. 481 more words