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Evaluation of PBL Project

After receiving peer feedback this week on my Poster Board project that I designed for my adult ESL students, I have come to the realization that a PBL project is an ongoing process even at very advanced stages of the implementation phase. 425 more words


EDTECH 505: Week 2

Week 2 in EDTECH 505 focused on chapters 3, 4, 9 and appendix B of The ABCs of Evaluation.

The Chapter 3 assignment was to apply the concepts of the planning cycle to the topic of my course project.  126 more words

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PBL: Assessment as Learning

The assessment tools we developed for our PBL project were centered around student input.  The “As I See It” evaluation allows for students to express what they need to learn, the approach to learning they plan on taking and what they expect to accomplish.  440 more words


PBL: Lessons Learned While Creating Driving Question

This week, we started our Project Based Learning lesson.  I say we because I am working with a partner, L’Maro Bell.  There are some obvious advantages to working with a partner, but there are some disadvantages, too.  366 more words