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meditation buddy


at my feet

a poodle rests

as i attempt once again to be here now,

the poodle sighs and is.

The Now

Tongue Out Tuesday - TV Tastes Better

Shasta writing today.

I know that you have heard that we dogs have a great sense of smell, but Sherlock is convinced he has a great sense of taste too. 125 more words


What I Learned From My Dogs Today - I'm Not Saying Your Child Looks Like a Dog...

Momma Mim being allowed to blog today:

The results are in.  The average dog is as smart as the average two year old human.  So my advice today goes for bare skinned, as well as fur covered, kids. 643 more words


There Must be a Pony in here Somewhere!

Shortly after Christmas Sir Cussalot and I were driving along chatting. I said something like, “Can you believe it is almost New Year already?” Here I was thinking how lucky I felt to be alive another year. 917 more words

Travel Supremes

Happy Boxing Day! A special vlog about family

Boxing day is all about family — A day to be together and be thankful for each other and what you have.

While I spend the day with my own family, I thought I’d share a special memory. 79 more words

Jennifer M. Eaton

Rabid Ramblings - The Hunt for the Santa Human

Sherlock speaking to you today.

Shasta and I have just a few more days to perfect our plans for catching the Santa human this year. Last year, due to something I am sure was Shasta’s fault, we missed the guy. 406 more words