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day 8/100 days of happiness

Boy, this 100 days of happiness requires a little more forethought than I gave today…

It was my first day off in September and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, it turned out NOT to be a full day off! 579 more words

day 6/100 days of happiness

a happy dog…
makes a happy human…


JavaScript required to play max-day6. 114 more words

day 5/100 days of happiness

day 5. things that make me happy, in no particular order of importance. it’s a sultry day here, with a bank of fog sitting just off shore to the north.  12 more words

day 3/100 days of happiness

day 3… we took a beautiful walk with our friends, Buzz and her two dogs, Finn and Piper, on the beach this morning.  I love this worried look Max has. 26 more words

day 1/100 days of happiness

I am an artist living on an island off the coast of Maine with my Standard Poodle, Max. Every day, as we walk somewhere beautiful on the island, I take in the visual beauty as Max takes in the scents. 30 more words

I am not a toy!

More of my doodles (not all poodles) for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge here.