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Rabid Ramblings - The Hunt for the Santa Human

Sherlock speaking to you today.

Shasta and I have just a few more days to perfect our plans for catching the Santa human this year. Last year, due to something I am sure was Shasta’s fault, we missed the guy. 406 more words


TBT: The Puppy Chronicles - The Opera Puppy

Shasta reporting in today. 

Go ahead and awwwww. I was cute from day one.  (For those of you who will want to buy me a birthday gift in the future, I was born on February 23rd, 2009.)  I was a rescue from a puppy mill in Tennessee but the great people at Poodle Rescue of Houston came and got me and my family to adopted us all out in Houston. 281 more words


What I Learned From My Dogs Today - Eye on the Prize

Momma Mim guest writing today.

What I learned from my dogs today… Don’t follow the advice “keep your eyes on the prize.” Instead, keep one on the prize and the other on your surroundings.


Tongue Out Tuesday - A Rare Shot

Shasta blogging here today.

Welcome to Tongue Out Tuesday. As everyone knows, dogs cool off by panting. And here in Houston, TX, we have plenty of occasions to need a cool down. 265 more words



the world is all tilted…

i see you are troubled,

but i do not understand…





I have a SPOO

I have a SPOO.

Wouldn’t know what to do

If his therapeutic curl

From my neck to my thigh

Didn’t warm me at night

As cold terrors arise… 77 more words

trick or treat? daisy wants to know

This film was recorded on September 12 2014, when Daisy was almost three months old. She got a dried turkey claw, and to challenge her we put it in a shoe box.

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