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OM in the News: Standardizing Procedures at Christiana Care Health

The Christiana Care Health System in Delaware was concerned it was spending too much on cardiac monitoring for patients who didn’t need it. So it changed its system to encourage doctors to follow American Heart Association guidelines for using the monitors. 283 more words

OM In The News

Mozilla and Localization Efforts: The Economist's "Cookies, caches and cows"

The Economist recently published an interesting article, “Cookies, Cache and Cows” from Bamako, Mali on Mozilla’s localization efforts for its web-browser and its (soon-to-be?) mobile operating system.  1,116 more words

Why this blog?

There is a tonne of rhetoric and dialogue out there concerning CSR; what it means, who is invested in the concept, and whether this venture is something worth while for businesses in the first place. 223 more words


Six Common Misunderstandings About the Value of HIT

We have all heard the musings of IT professionals about how health information technology (HIT) is the reason for all things good, or how they have built the most elegant system and users will flock to it.  878 more words


Agenda 21 Simplified – The Standardization of Common Core (Part 3)

Part One Here, and Part Two Here

Source: Freedom Outpost, by David Risselada

Hanging in the hallways of Northeastern State University’s Broken Arrow Oklahoma campus are signs that state the following:  533 more words

Agenda 21

Trust and Permissions for the Open Web Platform

A meeting was held in Paris on 3-4 September 2014 to bring together browser vendors and other stakeholders to discuss next steps for work on trust and permissions for the Open Web Platform, based upon insights gained from experience with native app platforms, hybrid and proprietary Web platforms. 205 more words


Let The Team Decide

I tweeted the following on Twitter last night.

why does a group of users who are not doing the work standardize what tools the workers should use?

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