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Let's give a big clap.... you are certified.

” Hearty congrats for achieving the ISO/TS 16949;2009 certification” 

These are the most awaited words every organisation in the automotive sector yearns to hear

You are wondering what is this about ? 336 more words


Why to achieve TS at all ?

There are three main Goals to be focused during the TS implementation at your organisation:

1.Continual Improvement

2.Emphasizing defects prevention

3.Reduction in variations and waste across entire supplier chain. 


Introductory address

Welcome dear reader ,

You must  be in the manufacturing organisation in any of these functions:






Tool Design

Or you might be the MR of the company.  65 more words


What you said ? TS ?


1.Many times you would have heard your friend often speak about his company.

Right ? He would say ” our company is TS certified “ 406 more words


Harmonization of Bordetella pertussis real-time PCR diagnostics in the US, 2012.

Real-time (rt-) PCR is an important diagnostic tool for identification of Bordetella pertussis, B. holmesii, and B. parapertussis. Most United States public health laboratories (USPHLs) target IS481, present in 218-238 copies in the B. 230 more words


The Shortcut to Lapland

11th of November and it’s time for the first x-mas post on this blog this year. My London gym is to blame for this early start. 90 more words


Beyond Critique: Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Chapters 3-5

This section of reading was far too dense for any semblance of a 300-500 word blog post summary: not that these posts are intended to be summaries, rather they should be applications of the reading. 488 more words