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Bananas and Motor Oil

I could be a public school teacher.  I have the degrees for it.   I have the training. I have the teaching experience, albeit not in public school.   1,691 more words

Common Core

How to Set Academic and College Prep Goals for 2015 (Ivywise)

As the New Year approaches, many people are setting goals and resolutions to accomplish in 2015. The onset of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and determine what improvements to make in the coming months – whether personally, professionally, or, in the case of many high school students, academically.

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College Planning

What standardized testing and schools could learn from Target

Excerpted from Anya Kamenetz’s latest book, The test: Why our schools are obsessed with standardized testing—but you don’t have to be, published by PublicAffairs. 

Technologies in use in about a third of US K-12 schools today have the potential, say their creators, to relieve some of the worst toll taken by standardized testing: the anxiety, coaching, and cheating, to give a few examples. 2,241 more words

Opt out of standardized test, it's the right decision

We welcome back former Board of Education member and friend of West Metro thinkers, Mark Bomchill.

“Opting out” of testing is a potentially powerful way to resist the failed No Child Left Behind and the way standardized testing distorts and corrupts K-12 classrooms. 671 more words

Robbinsdale ISD 281

Duncan's Line in the Sand

Building anything on sand will lead to an eventual collapse. Sand is constantly shifting and provides little foundational support. Yet legislators often make policy decisions based on the shifting sands of political agendas. 443 more words

Higher Education and Standardized Testing

I am subjected to stories and articles about testing on a nearly weekly basis. Given my work, this might not be particularly surprising. What is… 1,264 more words

In Defense Of Testing

Public Schools Are Failing?! Tell Me How. – Part I

I want to start off by saying that I am honored to have been chosen to write for the Rebel Researchers. This is an amazing opportunity, and I do not take it lightly. 592 more words