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Tests confirm…ed reformers are suffering from impaired judgement and diminished critical thinking skills due to an acute case of PISA envy.

Ed reformers should reconsider their admiration for education systems that prepare young people to live and work in closed societies that don’t value creativity, freedom of expression, and independent thinking. 597 more words

The Aftermath

I read an article today in the New York Times discussing the latest wave of math reforms to hit country as part of the Common Core curriculum and how similar attempts at reform in the past have failed us as a nation. 324 more words

Summertime (M)adness

we insist
that we are more than numbers;
but this all-consuming pursuit of scaled scores
has gotten me thinking
that actions speak louder than words. 92 more words

Coleman Corps

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,

but in the expert’s there are few 

~ Shunryu Suzuki

Hard to imagine an applicant for a teaching job explaining to the panel of educators interviewing him/her that he really doesn’t give a shit what his students or their parents think or feel…or joking about the fact that she really isn’t qualified to teach the position she is applying for. 1,130 more words

Data-Driven Common Core Does Not Compute

More and more it feels like the education leaders who are tasked with overseeing the data-driven Common Core implementation and assessment policies are “Lost in Space” and their data “does not compute”. 461 more words

More tests mean more cheaters

I just read Rachel Aviv’s article “Wrong Answer” in The New Yorker magazine that nearly made me cry. It focuses on a middle school in a very poor neighborhood called Pittsburgh just outside Atlanta, GA, where teachers cheated on standardized tests for years in order to just keep the school open under the No Child Left Behind and local superintendent’s regulations that mandated a certain percentage of students pass standardized tests, with a certain percentage increase in test scores each year. 459 more words


I am mute with anger and sadness after reading this

Why Poor Schools Can’t Succeed on Standardized Tests.

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