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The Teeches & Leeches... by Dr. Soods

The peeples of Lernville were learners—the best!

They shared what they learned; it was school, sans contest.

The pathways of Lernville were twisty and turny, 650 more words

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Redefining Creativity: Thoughts on Traditional Classrooms

It never fails to surprise me when the same students who tell me how much they hate writing are the ones who scribble poems in the back of the room during “boring” lectures. 506 more words


The Common Good For Sale?

“Where we demand rights and deny obligations, we assert Entitlement. We secure our rights when we accept matching obligations.“  Robert Fripp

Persons who have never heard of Robert Fripp have likely heard his music. 695 more words

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Call Me Unreliable

New grading models are based on the premise that a standards-based system requires that scores on assessments be both valid and reliable.

Many believers in standards-based grading claim a score is valid when the score represents a student’s performance on a standard and that a score is reliable when students who demonstrate the same understanding of a standard receive the same score. 470 more words

Education Reform

Are We Simply Mad?


The word invokes images of madmen chained to walls, ignored by society, abused by caretakers. We cringe at the idea that places like Bethlem Royal Hospital (nicknamed “Bedlam”) actually existed to isolate the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, under the oppressive watch of “keepers” like Helkiah Crooke and James Monro. 312 more words

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