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Improving Instruction Through Formative and Summative Assessment.

My mentor teacher and I are currently focusing our classes on fitness.  This is the first real “unit” of the school year for us.  This is a challenging undertaking.   350 more words


Old Indicia

I adore old maps and old seals.

One of the best parts of my first film Shroud was personally designing all the Victorian letters, Old West business cards, travel tickets, guild papers, and 15th century Spanish expedition documents.


The weekend after PDT2014 Europe

Shaping the PLM platform of the Future

In this post my observations from the PDT 2014 Europe conference which was hosted in the Microsoft Conference center in Paris and organized by Eurostep and CIMdata. 1,974 more words


Scalable and modular CSS

CSS can be a mess. It needs to have standards and rules to avoid a mess. Here is a good speech with recomendations to follow: 29 more words


Why the current 'Real women have curves' fad annoys me.

So this is a typical, overdone subject. But as a woman it’s a subject I can’t avoid. But before you write this off as just another woman with her own insecurities blaming everything on men, I suggest you read on. 955 more words

The Image of a Mother -- Carley

What is your self-image? Be brutally honest with yourself for just a few minutes here. What do you actually think of yourself? I bet you think that you’re the most awesome mom and wife ever and that you don’t have any faults physically, emotionally or mentally. 937 more words


Women trying to live up to the manly standards

Gilbert and Gubar talk about how women writers must have anxiety about writing.  This anxiety comes from being part of a world where men did the writing.   226 more words