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One Is A Lonely Number

I think I may be close to swearing off men entirely.

Of course, I say that with as much seriousness as an old smoker says about his supposed “last cigarette”. 377 more words


The 21st Century Method of Finding A Partner Is Flawed

What you want and what you get don’t always share the same boat. We’re a funny bunch. We’ll often rule something out before exploring the possibilities. 96 more words

On Mind Body & Soul

A reflection on what mirror reflects ...

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the slimmest of the all?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the wrinkle free of the all? 1,453 more words


EK-Fantasticheskyy son /ЕК-Фантастический Сон (E. Korshunova). Large single and semidouble ruffled light pink stars/blue fantasy, magenta edge. Leaves green, compact growing. 2004.

ЕК-Фантастический Сон (Е.В.Коршунова)
Огромные (до7см) полумахровые и простые бахромчатые кремовые звёзды с голубыми лучами и брызгами. По краю лепестков – лилово-розовая обводка. Зелёная компактная розетка из заострённых листиков. 9 more words


What you deserve.

Life is all about taking what you deserve.

This is something I firmly believe in. I honestly think you shouldn’t settle for less. And you should go after what you desire.

344 more words

Standards Vs. Game

Sometimes I wish I was willing to marry an average looking girl. Like if I’d settle for a 6, the world would be my oyster. So many of them seem to fucking love me. 381 more words


Facts, Laws and Standards

Some people are obsessed with facts that they don’t bother to investigate the laws that underlie them or the standards they use to evaluate them.
- Tractatus Vitae