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What do you need to be happy?

A quick question:


Have a think. What do you need? What are your standards of being happy?

Some may say: My family being in good health, my partner, my money safe in the bank, my job, my house, my friends, a little party, some heavy clubbing, and the list goes on forever….. 343 more words


Hitam Manis

“Hitam manis” (Indonesian for sweet black) is not a compliment. When you first hear it, it may feel like one, but after the 100th reminder that you are the “black” exception to a long-held standard ideal of beauty, it is a slap to the face. 113 more words


Privacy in NFC payments: mobile wallets and prying eyes

Continuing the exploration of privacy in NFC payments, we next focus on the code that runs on the smart phone and what those applications can learn about user transactions. 825 more words


Customer Standards?

There are expected standards for every aspect of retail. The way we (retail workers) dress, address customers, answer the phone, set up displays, and ring customers up at the end of the sale are all scrutinized by management and “corporate”. 975 more words


Peer-to-Peer, A Stroke of Genius

The title of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, is a clear understatement of what he created. In fact, Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of the Bitcoin), proposes a system for electronic monetary transactions that he says doesn’t require trust, which is not quite true: what he eliminated was the need to trust another person, while trusting mathematics and your computer to work correctly. 446 more words


Portland Public Schools publish learning guides for families

A series of new learning guides for families that outline what students in kindergarten through grade five are expected to know and be able to master in mathematics and English language arts at the end of each school year has been developed by Portland Public Schools. 200 more words