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Towel Warmers: Free Standing or Wall-Mounted?

Towel warmers come in two basic mounting styles: free-standing and wall-mounted. As a general rule, wall-mounted models are best for small bathrooms, or if children or anyone with balance or mobility problems will be using the bathroom (as these models have a small footprint and cannot be accidentally knocked over). 44 more words

Standing in Lines During Customs and Immigration Can Be a Bigger Hassle Than You Think

No normal human being enjoys standing in long customs and immigration lines. Pushing your suitcase with your foot and silently hoping to be let out of the restricted area without further incident is only part of the misery associated with internati…

Why Orthotics aren't enough.

The good doctor S would have you believe that just gelling will ease your 8 hour standing (or sitting) workday and relieve your tiredness and pain. 200 more words