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Programs Prepare Jewish Students for Hostile Campus Environment

This past academic year was perhaps the most intense in terms of anti-Israel hostility in recent memory. Divestment resolutions have  polarized campuses across the country while increasingly brash efforts to ostracize the pro-Israel community have been rolled out at campuses like UCLA where students were brought before the ethics committee for visiting Israel and at Vassar where Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) published a nazi era anti-Semitic cartoon. 1,460 more words


Muslim Works with Jews to Save Christians in the Middle East

by Paul Miller
August 20, 2014

Kasim Hafeez understands hate. Growing up with a father who believed “Hitler was a great man whose one mistake was that he did not kill enough Jews,” the British-born Muslim of Pakistani descent has experienced firsthand how an innocent child becomes an Islamist dedicated to the death and destruction of those who are different.  339 more words

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The challenge of control in the age of social media – Garnier, the Israel-Gaza conflict and the threat of boycott

Listen long enough to any communicator working for a multinational in an emerging market and they’ll touch on the issue of what is called ‘corporate’. The concept of centralized communications, of control being exerted from head office over global communications is understandable – corporations want to ensure that the message being disseminated is consistent with the aims of the company as a whole. 734 more words

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US college campuses debate Middle East conflict, StandWithUs takes the lead supporting pro-Israel students

by Anna Hiatt
August 9, 2014

NEW YORK – Tensions over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are increasingly playing out on college campuses across the US where student union leaders and activists on both sides act as local proxies in the global debate over war in the Middle East.  312 more words

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Bellevue Rally Shows Love for Israel

Nearly 300 lovers of Israel converged on the busy corner of NE 8th St and Bellevue Way in Bellevue, WA this afternoon and The Mike Report was there. 219 more words


Israel on the Sound: What can I do from Seattle?

How can an Israeli transplanted in Seattle support the Jewish State from so far away? Nurit Asnash ponders that question and comes up with an answer. 922 more words


Foreign citizens give Israel a hand

by Renee Ghert-Zang
July 23, 2014

StandWithUs Social media campaign encourages residents of all countries to quickly and anonymously support Israel in fighting Hamas… 291 more words

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