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Stanford team makes breakthrough in battery technology

Battery technology and the ability to store power in large quantities is the holy grail for society. A team at Stanford University lead by Steven Chu, former Secretary of Energy for President Obama, have made a break through that could lead to battery density increases by 5-6X. 31 more words


Stanford creates ‘Holy Grail’ lithium battery, could triple smartphone and EV battery life

They’ve done it again: The battery barons of Stanford, led by Yi Cui, have created what those in the industry call the “Holy Grail” of lithium-ion battery design.  7 more words

Napa Valley

Kíkti til Napa Valley á fimmtudaginn og var þar í eina nótt. Ótrúlega fallegt og gaman að koma þangað. Lögðum af stað snemma um morguninn og keyrðum ca. 959 more words


Books for the Reading List: A Look at Niece G's Stash

When Niece G left San Francisco to work in New York, and then moved again, this time to Manila, she left a Big. Fat. Hole. In. 128 more words


The Morning Dump - July 29th

Stanford team reports a break through in battery technology – BI


John Oliver on Nuclear Weapons

As the movie Dr. Strangelove shows, comedy may be the best way to break through society’s reluctance to face the risks posed by nuclear weapons. In that tradition, I highly recommend John Oliver’s recent… 36 more words

Blog: Class Map

I worked on a map that drew the shortest distance from coordinates gathered from my Computer Simulations class. The dots are all places that people are from. 10 more words

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