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Blueberries and Bacon for Breakfast

“Lord, we aren’t going to have any bacon this Saturday for breakfast.”

Every Saturday morning, Neil and I make a special breakfast for the boys: pancakes and bacon (eggs with cheese for me).  1,526 more words

Consider Healthy Black Rice

Black rice rocks.  Black rice is so bundled with nutrition, that it was once reserved for royalty.  I must say, the first time I heard of black rice was from Dr Sebi.   329 more words

James C. Scott on Food sovereignty: a critical dialogue

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argylesock says... I like the way James C. Scott explains food sovereignty and food security in this lecture. He remarks on how we humans rely, mostly, on only three food sources: maize (corn, Zea mays), rice (Oryza sativa) and wheat (Triticum spp.) which lend themselves to large-scale growing and transport. He says that we (Homo sapiens) are the most invasive of all species. However, I don't like the way he says human population is 'spiralling.' That's a myth as I've stated on this blog several times. Globally, the human population is expected to peak at around 9 billion around the middle of this century. Then it's expected to fall slightly. [Edit] I listened again and found that Prof Scott doesn't in fact use the word 'spiralling' in this lecture.