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Week ender August 24

A week update that is actually on a Sunday?!?!?! WHHHHHHAAAAaaat?!?!

This week was really not all that exciting, I worked a lot on both my thesis and at my job, but I think I have some entertaining photos so I thought I would share. 885 more words

Weekly Wrap Up

Star Reward Chart

Here I have a rewards chart with a planets theme. This document is 9 pages and contains 2 pages detailing how such a rewards chart can be used effectively in the classroom. 31 more words

The chorus of voices have won me over. By popular and sometimes feverish demand, Pluto has been added to our Faceted Planets collection. Even though you are no longer a traditional planet, you’ll always be #9 in my book! 32 more words

Solfa Challenge Level 3

Once my students have achieved the Solfa Challenge Level 2 they should be able to perform a collection of simple songs and rhymes, show the pulse and shape of the pitch and also record these two things in a fairly rough and ready way. 1,187 more words


Abandoned on Earth - Pt. 21

New York Underground

Avis landed in the arms of the heavy-set bouncer. His golden eyes seemed to glow in the darkness of the water tunnel. The others jumped down one by one, each landing with a small splash from the water below them. 3,596 more words


Obsessions With Constellations

“Are we lost, all alone, only human & under the stars?”

It’s not all heartbreak and exhibition, though these elements are inescapable.  As a lyricist I infuse threads with obsessions, fantasies I don’t/but want to reveal. 276 more words

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