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"If You Just Want To Go Away..."

“If you just want to go away then any ticket will get you there.”

Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter

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If as Herod, we fill our lives with things and again things;
If we consider ourselves so important that we must fill…

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Reading the Stars

Sitting in the stand of the sports arena
Waiting for the show to begin
Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine
A good friend of mine, follow the stars… 578 more words

Catholic Church

1458-1459 Mike Molnar - The Star of Bethlehem Mystery

The Star of Bethlehem brought the Wise Men from the East to see the baby Jesus, but how come everyone else missed its significance. That’s just one of the questions that Rutgers University astronomer answered in his ground-breaking research into the celestial phenomenon that heralded the Savior’s birth. 58 more words

Advent, Waiting, and Preparation — Part Five

Please click here for parts one through four.

10. The Virgin Mary

(Mosaic, “The Virgin’s first seven steps”)

Less than two decades (perhaps even less than one) after the Holy Land becomes Roman territory, Israel’s most precious jewel yet is born: The Blesséd Virgin Mary.  468 more words


The Star Of Bethlehem

Is there astronomical proof that there was a “Star of Bethlehem”?

What if you had proof that the stories of the bible account of Jesus’ birth and death were historically and scientifically accurate? 241 more words


Preparing for Christmas 2 -- They followed a Star...

Well, all my good intentions for making my second Christmas post last week evaporated with, well last week! So my next good intention is to do two this week! 536 more words

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