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Tolec @ Andromeda Council .com - Detailed Report - Mystery ET Craft Identified - 12D Beings Here To Assist Our Ascension - 1-15-15


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 Tolec  @  Andromeda Council   –   Detailed Report   –   Mystery  ET  Craft Identified   –   1-15-15ry 15, 2015 

Arcturus based craft  recorded  in  close proximity  to  International  Space  Station. 718 more words

Star People

My Spirit Guides


I thought I would share who my spirit guides are (the ones that I am aware of, at least. There could be more I haven’t met yet). 528 more words


UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation

Bobby Johnson

 Watching a UFO From My Roof (UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation)

Weird UFO dropping glowing orbs in the distance. The UFOs went into formation before disappearing. 12 more words

Star People

Rainbow Ships

There are many organizations that are present that are in the sky. They (their ships) hover over stars, so that they don’t stand out. If you look, you see them shimmer and pulsate light. 61 more words