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The Star Sapphires Officially Get Their First Male Member

If you’ve been following the recent Green Lantern Corps comics, you know the New Gods have been trying to take the Lanterns’ rings to wield them against Darkseid. 353 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

Another Halloween has come and gone, and this year, two of my college friends came to visit, so it was nice to see them after four months of separation. 382 more words


Pave Setting Style in Wax?

For several years I was a full time wax carving artist for different product designers. Our clients were varied, we worked with hardware designers, jewelry designers and even a goblet designer. 53 more words

Re-creative Jewelry

Developing the design for Carole Lombard's Star Sapphire Brooch

Figuring out the size of the sapphire was tricky due to the fact that several of the newspapers reported different carat weights for the star (anywhere from 150-157 carats). 152 more words

Re-creative Jewelry

It was in all of the newspapers...

Carole Lombard’s star sapphire and diamond brooch was a sensational design. The newspapers wrote articles on this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The are too many articles to share, but we are convinced that Carole Lombard owned this brooch. 626 more words

Re-creative Jewelry

152 carat Star Sapphire...where is it?

If only Carole Lombard was with us now. We would ask her what happened to this incredible “goose egg” of a star sapphire.

We can only speculate where it might be, but perhaps someone that reads our blog will tell us that they have this fabulous star sapphire locked up in a bank vault. 64 more words

Re-creative Jewelry

Super-Villain Sunday...

Welcome once more comic-fans to Super-Villain Sunday, today’s classic villain is: Star Sapphire…

Star Sapphire was created by Robert Kanigher and Lee Elias in 1947, and made her first appearance in All-Flash Comics#32, the original of the many Sapphires that would appear over the years was the Queen of the 7th dimension. 422 more words