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REVIEW: Star Trek DS9 "In Purgatory's Shadow"

Tony Wilkins reviews one of the pivotal episodes of DS9′s story. WARNING: Spoilers!

A mysterious Cardassian signal from the Gamma Quadrant found to be from Enabran Tain, the former head of the shadowy Obsidian Order, leads Garek and Worf through the wormhole to trace it’s origins. 1,138 more words


Day 186: The Trouble With Trainers

Sole Of Sci-Fi endures some trials and Tribble-ations, as the Department of Temporal Investigations investigates a time travel infringement…

Apparently the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials And Tribble-ations” –  the one in which the DS9 crew are placed into the original series episode “The Trouble With Tribbles” via time travel/special effects – cost $3 million to produce. 810 more words

Happy Pills

Due to my ill planning, I went 2 mornings without my anti-depressants. 

It really puts my “progress” into perspective.  Or maybe, it takes it completely out of perspective and puts it back in my depressed, paranoid, escapist, mind frame.  259 more words

Trying SO Hard

"The Next Next Generation" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 1)

Finally! I got off of my Falling Skies marathon recently, and now, I have the chance to go back to Star Trek. Specifically, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… 205 more words

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Review [REVIEW] [SCi-Fi]

Generally speaking, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, is revered amongst Star Trek fans. Unlike Star Trek Voyager – and all later Star Treks – which most fans seem to deride unanimously, Star Trek DS9 occupies a cozy position in the average Star Trek fan’s heart. 3,081 more words


Flashback Friday: Review - DS9: Avatar Book 2

Deep Space Nine Relaunch – Avatar Book 2
Author – S.D. Perry
Published – June 2001

Following on from my review of Book 1 of Avatar… 971 more words


A Look Back on the Star Trek Pilots and the Future of Trek

I want to end the “Star Trek Pilot Episodes Series/Star Trek Pilot Series,” with a reflection on the episodes and what I see in the future of Star Trek.  1,098 more words