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To Boldly Go Where Few Series Have Gone Before: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

When I watched the 2009 film “Star Trek,” a reboot of the original series started in the 1960s, I did not expect to be crying my eyes out after the first scene. 1,015 more words


Doctor Strange in a Strange Land, or The Transnational Logics of Blockbuster Casting (part two)

Simply put, synergy is the combination of two or more things to create something that’s bigger than the sum of its individual parts, and Disney was thinking in synergistic directions long before the concept caught fire in American corporate circles. 1,745 more words

Star Trek Into Darkness is not a "Truther" Movie

Hello, all.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been hard at (pretending to) work on my current novel.

In the course of distracting myself from said novel, I’ve continued surfing the web as usual (wherein “usual” is equivalent to using 97% of the time I should be allocating to actual writing). 350 more words


Roberto Orci Apparently Really Wanted to Make Up For Destroying Planet Vulcan in the 2009 Star Trek

Roberto Orci is no longer directing Star Trek 3, meaning Paramount is no longer letting a guy with no experience directing anything ever handle the Star Trek film currently scheduled to arrive sometime during the franchise’s 50th anniversary in 2016. 1,252 more words

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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Strange!

Benedict Cumberbatch, no stranger (see what I did there?) to genre roles (Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek’s Khan, The Hobbit’s Smaug), has been cast as Dr. Strange in Marvel Film’s  140 more words

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I loved how he bulked up for Star Trek. *faints*

Star Trek - Into Darkness Blu- Ray Review.

Greetings fellow movie fans.

This is my Blu-Ray review of Star Trek Into Darkness.


As sequels go they can a lot of the time be inferior to the first film in a series but i thought Star Trek Into Darkness was a major improvement on the first film starting with the opening action scene which was reminiscent of the original Star Trek series in terms of the planet Kirk and Bones was on. 493 more words

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