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Donors for July 30, 2014

A very good day today. Started out slow, but ended up pretty good.

I wanna remind all of you about the Suliban Cell Ship drawing that is still going! 36 more words


We Welcome Izaac To Team Nexus! Here's What He Has To Say...

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening folks and folkets. Tis I – zaac. Some of you may know me as a spy rabbit (xbox live) and some of you may know me as captainzac (my handle on star trek online). 214 more words


Donors for July 28, 2014

Pretty good giveaway today. Yesterday, several fleets were flooding chat with their recruitment advertisements. It seems a couple of them would purposely do it right after I would post an item just so they could be seen by as many people as possible. 54 more words


Donors for July 27, 2014

Pretty average day. Remember, the Dilithium weekend ends tomorrow at 12pm Central Time so make sure you get as much as you can. I will have the giveaway tomorrow AFTER the event ends so everyone will have a chance to get as much dil as possible.

Here are your donors!


NEW Odyssey & Bortasqu' Uniforms for season 9.5 of Star Trek Online Review + Season 10 News

Its finally here Season 9.5 of Star Trek Online and with it came allot of new content. Hi I am Jack Baker and I will be showing you my thoughts on the latest instalment of Star Trek Online. 1,036 more words


Donors for July 25, 2014

Today was a great giveaway. Did find something out though. I don’t generally change my privacy settings so this one was new for me. If you have your mail settings to accept mail from friends only and I am not on your friends list, any items you win will not go through so make sure you adjust them accordingly before participating. 55 more words


Donors for July 24, 2014

Pretty easy day today. I think most people were off grinding dilithium with the dil weekend kicking in! In case you missed what I mentioned today in the game, Saturday there will not be a giveaway as I am going out of town Saturday! 28 more words