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Wanna Look Like An Interstellar Spazz?

If your answer is yes then you are the perfect candidate for the “Wesley Crusher Acting Ensign Sweater” hoodie that ThinkGeek is selling. 74 more words

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Awards

We’ve now finished watching all of season 3 of TNG and offered individual reviews of every episode. How about taking some looks at the best and worst parts of the season! 801 more words

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Here Are Five TV Shows That Were Revived And Returned Better Than Ever

Television is, in many ways, a flat circle. There is no idea that won’t be tried, and then years later, tried again. But some ideas, while successful the first time, are even better when they’re revived for audiences that better appreciate them. 698 more words


Star Trek: The Next Generation – True Q [6.6]

Amanda Rogers, a gifted young student, comes on board the Enterprise as an intern.  However, it turns out that she is being tested by Q, since her parents were members of the Q Continuum who had chosen to live as human beings.  1,406 more words

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Schisms [6.5]

Riker finds that he is unnaturally tired.  He also begins to have strange flashbacks to dreams, triggered by ordinary things on board the Enterprise.  He pools his knowledge with other who are having similar experiences, and eventually realizes that he is being regularly kidnapped and experimented on by creatures who live in sub-space.  1,179 more words

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