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Ensign Kim

Ensign Harry Kim is rarely anyone’s favorite Star Trek character. He’s sort of the Wesley of Voyager. That is, he’s the annoyingly overeager youngster, the lowest senior officer, the guy who seems to make all the mistakes—yet somehow save the ship. 477 more words


Love Always, Mom xxxooo

In previous editions of this column, I’ve referenced a certain card delivered to me in June as the last in a series of posthumous “Notes From My Mother.” The prose acknowledged that difficult times lay ahead but encouraged me to draw on my own strength and that of my friends to get through the journey. 1,370 more words


Welcome to the Age of the Nerds?

Photo by yat86

A recent article I read in Wired tells the story of a ship of nerds dubbed “Sea Monkeys” who take yearly cruises in celebration of everything nerdy and geeky. 637 more words


Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time

This will be my last post before Christmas. I don’t want to talk about Christmas.

The other day the BFI uploaded its picks for ‘ 255 more words

"Bread and Circuses"

The Enterprise finds the remains of the S.S. Beagle, lost for six years, and tracks it to a planet that, based on broadcasts, is “20th-century Rome.” Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down (natch) to look for survivors and are captured by a group of runaway slaves who (apparently) worship the sun. 1,095 more words

Star Trek

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow


We went over to my sister’s new house yesterday where I snapped this photo of one of her Star Trek ornaments hanging on her tree.  It’s not anything spectacular, but with the yellow Christmas light shinning there next to it, I thought it would be fitting for this week’s… 127 more words


Photo 365 #136

Yep, it’s another Christmas tree picture:

Seymour’s had Data for longer than I’ve known him, but the Enterprise is a recent acquisition.  I told Seymour and Bubbles they’d wear out the batteries on it the other night; as we were setting up the tree, they kept pushing the ornament’s play button so they could hear the intro from  92 more words