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Canadian Star Trek actress, Nicole de Boer, opens up about early acting career

Canadian actress Nicole de Boer shared intimate details about her early start to acting and how she ended up on the popular Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine, during a Q & A session at Ottawa Pop Expo Sunday. 323 more words


Star Trek Boldly Goes to London

According to StarTrek.com, the proposed Paramount London Resort, scheduled to open southeast of London in 2020, will feature a Star Trek-themed area, that will include rides, attractions and other Star Trek-related cornucopia. 25 more words

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NJ man shows off pop culture collection spanning 25 years

NEW YORK (PIX11)– John Azaria has spent the past 25 years growing his TV and movie memorabilia collection.

He already has more than 500 pieces worth well over seven figures. 75 more words

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Fanfair and Boardgames

A contact of mine runs some amazing pop culture events and fairs, and I made it to one of their most recent ones: Fanfair.

I met a few friends at the venue and we had a good browse through the pop culture stalls which featured vintage pop culture sales items, cool local art and materials, and displays of everything from Ghostbusters items, to Lego Star Wars, to self published authors. 69 more words


Alt-TOS part 110

A few more things added to the saucer. I finally nailed down what I wanted to do for the reaction control thrusters. I also finally moved it over to mental ray.


"Errand of Mercy"

Kirk and Spock travel to Organia, a primitive planet about to be in the crossfire in a looming conflict between the Federation and some newly introduced baddies, the Klingon Empire. 901 more words

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Star Trek doctor Robert Picardo visits Ottawa Pop Expo

Right before shooting a new film alongside actors George Clooney and Scarlett Johanson, Star Trek actor Robert Picardo revisited his role of The Doctor with Trekkies at this past weekend’s Ottawa Pop Expo. 299 more words