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Flash Gordon Rasa Star Trek

Bersiaplah untuk menyaksikan kembali Flash Gordon di layar lebar. Pasalnya, secara resmi Twentieth Century Fox sudah memegang hak untuk mengangkat pahlawan komik legendaris ini ke dalam film. 98 more words


Trailer Tracks: Star Trek - The Motion Picture (1979) - Robert Wise

I’m a huge Trek fan, and while a lot of people argue about the pondering, slow-pace of this film, I still love it. The music by Jerry Goldsmith, the effects, the sense of wonder and mystery as they explore deeper into V’Ger… I’m even partial to the uniforms! 42 more words

Star Trek

The Greatest Conference Paper Ever Written

Can ratpag get off topic for a moment? A couple weeks ago the University of Miami hosted the WeRobot 2014 conference on robotics law. While articles in legal journals are thoroughly fact-checked and foot-noted by an army of 2nd year law students, papers at legal conferences seem to have been written on the plane ride over.  451 more words

Boeing's Bird of Prey

Amazing what can be done with computer-control and composites, such as this flying prototype fighter-bomber supposedly adapted from Star Trek’s Klingon “bird of prey.” It… 23 more words


I'm on your computer, watching your Star Trek

Peekay, it’s Odo!

I don’t even know how she got this playing, it wasn’t on when I left the room.


Klingon Battlecruiser, Pt. 07

This should about do it for modeling on the Battlecruiser. Textures are next.


The Captains' Favorite Episodes

I was browsing YouTube tonight and I found the following clips.  They’re the actors who played the captains on Star Trek explaining their favorite episode of their respective series. 334 more words

Star Trek