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Me as a Bajoran!

It was so much fun to do a Star Trek alien this year! I had the pleasure to meet Spring Schoenhuth, who was the jewelry designer for the Bajorans on DS9, and I bought one of her beautiful ear cuffs for Friday at Norwescon. 98 more words


The funniest gag reels are the ones that come from science-fiction series. I think that maybe it’s because being a part of that kind of atmosphere is so unique. 403 more words

A Cast of Friends (No, Not That FRIENDS)

One of the things I love the most about science-fiction and fantasy series and movies is that you always see these intense bonds of friendship form between the cast members. 445 more words


I don’t like very many movies which probably sounds silly but that’s only because i am very picky with a lot of things. I have known about Star Trek for a long time. 51 more words

Star Trek

COUNTDOWN: Top 5 Star Trek Battles

The risk with lists like this is that they could get filled with Dominion War battles so I am limiting it to just one to give the list a bit of variety. 532 more words

Donors for April 23, 2014

Today’s giveaway was pretty good! We got a few new items as donations and the people loved it! Also had a lot of new people participate which is always a good thing! 20 more words



Is this meant to be sexual, religious, syfy, or something else?