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Star Trek Online - Cryptic Making the Grind Unbearable

I know this is an odd time to make a post (forgive me, my sleeping patterns are almost always all over the place), but I just got around to reading the patch notes for later today. 563 more words


2014: Seven dot Twenty-One

July 21, 2011 – NASA ends Space Shuttle program.


This reminds me of a cartoon or Star Trek: The Next Generation character.

Taken with  25 more words


Inventing Hyronalin: Drugs Countering Radiation Effects

By David Warmflash

Star Trek medicine includes a fictional drug called hyronalin, administered to offset the effects of acute radiation exposure. First airing in the 1960s, the original… 692 more words

Current Perspectives

San Diego Symphony Brings 3 Concerts For Comic Con Weekend

The SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY presents 3 concerts during Comic Con weekend. On Thursday, July 24th, it’s the ever-popular VIDEO GAMES LIVE.  Then on Friday, the 25th it’s the MUSIC OF DANNY ELFMAN FROM THE FILMS OF TIM BURTON including Edward Scissorhands, Batman and more. 34 more words

Elementary, dear [Holodeck] - ST:TNG s2e3

The short recap:

Honestly, the holodecks just have no actual safety features, do they?

The long recap:

Most places I’ve worked, everyone has a list of things which need to be done, but aren’t urgent, which you save for those random periods of downtime like the gap between New Year’s Day and Wellington Anniversary Day when no one else is silly enough to be at work. 451 more words

Star Trek

Help us Obi Wan: Why Science needs Science Fiction

There’s a very interesting dialectic between science and science fiction. If you take a look at, for example, Edwin Hubble, the greatest astronomer of the 20th century, he was destined to be a Missouri country lawyer. 933 more words

Meaningful Living

Cultural Lobotomy

It often seems like general American society is lobotomized. Emotional outbursts of really any sort are largely looked down upon and discouraged. Ethnic groups known for their strong emotions are stereotyped and ridiculed. 755 more words