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Artificial Gravity

The movie Lucy has me thinking about science and science-fiction. If you haven’t heard about the movie here’s the trailer.

The premise is flawed. … 336 more words


Frenetic Friday: Tongue firmly in cheek.

So lately the Friday posts have been rather grim  but not today, today it’s nothing but what makes me snort pink lemonade out of my nose! 104 more words



This weekly writing challenge focuses on the “weekly” part — start your post today, and build on it for the next four before publishing. Who knows where you’ll end up? 675 more words


Fan Fiction (Part 2/2): Is it legal? Is it right?

In part 1 of the series, we talked about where to look for fan fiction and how writing it can actually hone your writing skills. Here we look at the sticky bits. 649 more words


Interview with Randall Landers, Producer of Project Potemkin

Randall Landers is happily married and with three wonderful children. Randy is the owner of a small videography studio in Albany, Georgia. Prior to launching… 1,634 more words


My Version Of Kronos 1 Study Model part 1

The clean textures for my D2 are done and I’m kinda sick of doing textures for now since that’s all I’ve done for the last three ships I worked on. 26 more words


Donors for July 24, 2014

Pretty easy day today. I think most people were off grinding dilithium with the dil weekend kicking in! In case you missed what I mentioned today in the game, Saturday there will not be a giveaway as I am going out of town Saturday! 28 more words