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December 15th, 2014

After completing the bread run, I drove home to have coffee with Grandma and Grandpa. They had already had coffee and breakfast, so my plan to go out to somewhere like Costello’s didn’t really work. 645 more words

December 2014

Driving Home for Christmas

Well technically, I am getting a train home for Christmas. Regardless of transport, I now have 2 weeks holiday. A guilt free Christmas for the first time in over 6 years. 15 more words


America: The World’s Largest Exporter of Zombies

Originally written for a creative writing class I took with Dr. Kane in Fall 2011. This short piece won 2nd place in NSU’s annual literary and art mag called “Argus.” (It’s funny now that I work at Starbucks!) 1,056 more words

Khirsten Doolan

December 19th

Dear Sophia,

I love you.

Sometimes when I walk to Starbucks and I know I’ve got a while before you get there I walk around town a bit. 645 more words


another Starbucks fixed needed

It’s been a long stressful week …. couldn’t get through today without my Starbucks fix … a little reward for myself. My favourite PSL. :)


Semantics in a Coffee Shop

The barista on the morning shift at the Starbucks I frequent know me by now. We are on a first name basis by now, and we’ve reached a point where to keep things exciting, I’ve started on experimenting with syrups for my usual iced Americano. 297 more words

Girl With Some Thoughts: December 18th 2014

It’s currently 4:56pm and I am sitting in front of my sisters laptop with three tabs open. The first tab has my resume and cover letter splattered all over it, the second tab has an intimidating job posting that I am planning to apply to and the third, this blog post I am writing to on right now. 1,161 more words