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Vernita Falls

There are no pictures, because you are driving and you have to keep going. No pictures but what will burn itself in the memory centers of your brain, just like light burns onto the chemicals of film, the chemicals of photo paper, for you to pull out at a later date and remember. 531 more words

On The Road

Throwback : Japan goodies

So earlier this year, My friends went on a school trip to Japan, Fukoka if i am not mistaken and i was super jealous because i have always wanted to go to Japan but i couldn’t because everyone has their own reason so the next best thing i could do was ask them to bring back some stuff for me. 282 more words

No puedo ganar

14 de octubre de 2014

Adoro Starbucks, odio el frapuccino. Es una bebida estruendosa que a uno le emboba la boca. Lo detesto en cada una de sus variedades. 437 more words


Coffee: Call for quit?

Recently I have my annual health check.  This time it was a major one. Although there was nothing “major”, I have decided to do a few things: one of which is to cut drinking coffee as much as possible. 246 more words

C'est La Vie

50 Tweets About White Girls & Pumpkin Spice Lattés

Come join us at the intersection where race, gender, and Starbucks collide.



Why do people hate on white girls so much they aren't be only people who like Starbucks & pumpkin spice lattes& wear uggs grow up…

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1/3 Life Crisis.

I turned 30 a little over 2 months ago.

I kind of wanted to find it the whole time … and I still do.

30 was supposed to be a lot of things that it currently is not. 75 more words

Life Crisis

That Dido Song Is Life!

Today, my day has consisted of:

Job interviews (one for a full-time day job, one for a promo model position).

Missed the bus from Brentwood that would’ve gotten me back to Highland Park to go to work today. 733 more words