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G-Star (지스타) Games Expo 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Korea’s (and one of Asia’s) biggest Video Game Expos: G-Star.
The event is held yearly in Busan, and since Busan isn’t that far away from Daegu, it sounded too good to ignore. 892 more words


TvZ: Two base timing with new Hellbat patch

The last Hellbat patch has changed the dynamics of the opening and early mid game of TvZ. Since then, there has been various forms of Hellbat build… 665 more words


Pointless Nostalgia: Gaming

We now continue with my series of self-indulgent nostalgia posts discussing the sci-fi and fantasy I loved as a child, which turned me into the proud nerd I am today. 1,546 more words


HotS Hopes

I’ve already written a bit about what I’d like to see in Blizzard’s new “hero brawler”, Heroes of the Storm, in a previous post. Since then I’ve been playing and enjoying it a lot more. 699 more words

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garden terror seeds [stuffed red cabbage]

If you’ve had a chance to play the Garden of Terror map in Heroes of the Storm, you will completely understand the importance of eating your vegetables.  438 more words