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Galaxy Empire: A Game that's Too Big for a Smartphone

Galaxy Empire is a strategy game available on Android.

But the developers apparently thought it would be on a PC.

It clearly borrows from Starcraft: in this isometric outer-space RTS, your job is to collect minerals (crystals) and gas, which gets you the units and buildings higher up on the tech tree, and to battle with other alien races. 195 more words



Have you ever read No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre? If you haven’t and you intend to, don’t read this post, because I’m going to spoil the plot. 410 more words

365 Days

Pro Game Growing Pains

As the collective hoopla surrounding The International winds down and players return to their own games of DOTA 2, wondering how close they too could get to that $10 million dollar vindication of their chosen hobby, I similarly wonder about the current state of e-sports and just how much it changes. 532 more words


TaeJa’s Gas First TvP Aggression (Part 2)

Taeja’s gas first TvP aggression build is so successful and celebrated that the build has been well studied and countered by Protoss.  Despite this, Taeja continues to mix this unique build in his games, but with a twist.


The E1337 Gamer Challenge

Do you think you’re the best gamer out there? Do you have what it takes to be our first E1337 GAMER? Well then come register for our E1337 Gamer challenge! 140 more words

ACL Sydney 2014

IEM and Dreamhack may have captured the attention of most Starcraft enthusiasts in the world, ACL is actually happening in Sydney for WCS Oceania qualifier. Since I live in Sydney, I was there today.


Playing against Roach timing

Given the rise of various Hellbat timings, Roaches have been seen as a direct answer. Interestingly, this also leads to Terran struggling with the Roach timing. 928 more words