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Starcraft: Lose Hard

Continuing in my series on video games I am now going to recount a particularly momentous event in competitive computer gaming, the story of the time I lost at Starcraft. 1,829 more words


Real Tangent Strategy Cast

In another entry loaded with nostalgia and Donovan, Player’s Guide covers the topic of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. Ever since Starcraft took the gaming world by storm, the genre of real time strategy has been a popular one to explore, particularly on the PC. 85 more words

News Updates

300 Hours of League of Legends and I Don't Think I Will (Can) Stop

Why Am I Still Playing?

I like to think that everyone has their very own ritual that they perform when they sit down at their computer. 1,736 more words


Scouting basics

As I had mentioned previously, I will do some guides for beginners. Scouting seems like a good topic as it has often been misunderstood. This post covers the basics, and does not go in details for match up specific scouting. 1,193 more words


Starcraft Lore: Dünya - II

Doran Routhe’un planının başarısızlığı, UPL tarafından farkedilmişti. Her şeye rağmen, gemiler takibe alındı ve neden sonra yakıtı bitince Koprulu ismi verilen sektöre acil iniş yapan süpertaşıyıcılardan çıkanların kurdukları medeniyetler de, mahkûmların haberi olmadan izlenmeye başlandı. 415 more words


Metagame report: August - September 2014

The metagame has been shifting slowly in all three match ups (sorry, this is Terrancraft. Terran only). 790 more words


How Should Ranked Queue Work?

With Heroes of the Storm still in Alpha, there are many questions about the game that are yet to be answered. For there is a big question that not a lot of people in the community seem to be asking: How will the ranked queue work? 940 more words

Alpha Thoughts