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Immune to Silence: Refining the Classics

Everything old is new again.

This old idiom, while applicable to a great many things both artistic and not, has a much deeper meaning for those whose musical passion lies in the revitalization of old video game music. 1,459 more words


The Rise of eSports in America

Many of you know I am very proud of my devotion to the idea of competitive video gaming or eSports. It is a field that literally tests the skills of developers and players around the world. 468 more words


What exactly is a Bobbin or Bisous?

Who is Bobbin? and what is she recently Obsessed with (o.O)?

Who is Bisous? and why does she smile at random cups of tea (O.o)? 25 more words


Well, this is awkward...

Not even a few hours after my first blog post about ‘Heroes of the Storm’ the evil company know as Blizzard Entertainment made a “Founder’s Pack” available for 35€ on the Battle.net shop. 163 more words


TvZ 14CC into early third CC with a twist of Taeja

INnoVation was destroying every Zerg in 2013 with Command Centre first into an early third, but it has gone out of style in recent months. Taeja has added his own flavor in this classic TvZ build. 733 more words


Tassadar In Progress

My Tassadar costume is going pretty smoothly! Going to finish latexing the head, add the LEDs and eyes (which are ready, I just need to solder the arrangement and prepare the nerve cord armour) and then move on to the neck. 15 more words

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Day[9]'s archived video - worst partner ever!

I enjoy watching Day[9] he is a starcraft 2 caster and does a lot of videos. This is one I love and I think anyone interested in Starcraft should watch. 40 more words