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Random thoughts on resource management in RTS

Strategy games, especially those in the Real Time Strategy genre, tend to follow a common formula. In each match, the players start with limited resources: typically, a single “command center” structure and a handful of scouting or economy-focused units, depending on the systems the game uses for resource gathering. 2,732 more words


The South Korean Stereotypes

It all started on November 26, 2014 when “mixo” commented on my professional stereotypes post, saying:

Hey MantisShrimp, been following your blog silently. Love your posts.

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Of Zerglings and Darkspawn

I’ve debated what to make my next post about over the last couple of days while I’ve been at work. We close for a couple of weeks for Christmas so I think over that time I’m going to try my hand at some of the more in-depth writing I want to do, like a piece on the NC Zoo ( I think I mentioned that in the Thanksgiving entry) covering it’s history and my experiences as a child versus my experiences as a child, and maybe a few history things. 1,002 more words


Two Minimalist Mass Effect Posters Released By Artist Noble-6

Here’s two out of the six minimalist Mass Effect posters released by artist Noble-6 yesterday. You can find the rest below, and, if you dig the style, make sure to check out the guy’s… 24 more words

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The Estimable @LiquidSnute On The Future Of Starcraft And Being A Pro Gamer

At the IEM San Jose event this weekend, I got the chance to catch up with LiquidSnute, a Starcraft professional gamer who has become well-known in the past year for his in-game skills. 145 more words


Here's What Happens When Thousands Of Gamers Pack A Sports Arena To Watch Esports

At an event in San Jose this weekend, TechCrunch went full esports. The confab, the Intel Extreme Master digital tournament, saw professional players from around the world duke it out in League of Legends and Starcraft 2, two of the most popular video games around. 139 more words


StarCraft LAN party

Yesterday I went to my friend’s house for a StarCraft LAN party. I can’t remember the last time I played StarCraft, but it’s definitely been a decent number of years for all of us. 208 more words

Lan Party