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Wait! I'm Still Here... Let's Catch You Up On Things.

So, in the last week I have only had the time to design TWO cups. Ugh. That’s really cramping my art vibe, bro. Thankfully, I haven’t had the time because I’ve been blessed with some steady work which, as a freelance contractor, is always nice. 936 more words



Chris wrote me an email last September from her hospital bed where, unable to sleep, she had been watching a BBC documentary Seven Ages of Starlight… 182 more words

Ash Wednesday Stardust Ritual

This ritual is meant to enrich current Ash Wednesday services, not to supplant them.
Needed: at least one candle and a dish of dirt or glitter to which everyone will have access. 
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The Cremation

After watching the small meteor burn up in midair, leaving only a few dark snowflakes of ash to drift gently down to the earth, the boy stared at the dark blue sky and remembered the smell of burnt coffee at the hospital and the smoke of the crematorium, and he said to himself as he walked home through tawny fields, haunted industrial marshes and arcane mineral streets of concete and cast iron, I am not made of stardust.

"Every atom of my blood...": Life has not done with us...

Being now forever taken from my sight,
though nothing can bring back the hour
of splendor in the grass and glory in the flower.
We will grieve not, but rather find… 544 more words

Random Thoughts

Returning to Wall; or, Mr. Gaiman, I thought this featured De Niro in drag…?

As I stare at the pile of library books waiting to see me through the (first) Blizzard of 2015, my writing goals are now playing catch-up to my reading goal: 100 books before I wave goodbye to 2015. 664 more words