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The Peaceful Light of Abilene

Each respected capital across Auberon can trace its roots back to a God or Goddess. In Abilene, that Goddess is Aura. Generation after generation the throne has passed in a peaceful way. 370 more words


Stardust - Jacqueline Nash

Have you ever laid awake at night wondering how everything in the universe started, where everything came from. When I was young I can remember laying in bed at night trying to puzzle out all the big questions. 175 more words

Days like this...

Good day to you and hello to October!
The Michaelmas season is here and all the fruits of last years sowings have been harvested. Here the kitchen garden is waning, dyeing, browning. 360 more words



“The fastest way to travel is by candlelight” – Yvaine


Remix | Stardust "Music Sounds Better With You" (Kource)

One of the sexiest songs ever has received a very fresh edition by Kource. “Music Sounds Better With You” is this track I’m talking you about, so if you love this classic, you gotta click play here below:


Stardust and What To Do About It

What is the nature of interstellar dust? How does it affect the starlight that passes through it? What can be done to locate and catalog the numerous, small, tenuous dust clouds that populate our galaxy at the higher latitudes? 2,674 more words



Some songs are like fast food. They fulfil a momentary appetite. They can be quite delicious at the time. Some time later, on reflection, you’ll decide it was kind of dumb. 168 more words