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Your Stare

When you stared at me, I felt the world turn slow. As if the clouds took longer to precipitate, and the waters had a hard time evaporating. 53 more words


I stare the star in the sky
Seeking for some peace of mind
The way I love you it makes me crazy
Nothing could ever describe… 64 more words

Satire Stare

He walked a lonely path

One riddled with dread and pain

Stained by the honour and respect

Earned rightly but long forgotten.


It wasn’t until a normal day… 36 more words



That glance translated into a stare

Deep into my brown around white

To speak I couldn’t dare

For words not said are felt

Reflection upon reflection… 62 more words


Bathroom poem

An unwelcome audience stares at the body.
While preparing for the meeting of the Godly.
A sense of nervousness appears.
And unevenness that can be repaired. 109 more words


Look Into Me


Technical: Artificial lighting

Compositional: Rule of thirds

When shooting this I used my dancer friend Masha who has great facial expression. I tried to apply rule of thirds in the location we were at with using the wall and the window to my advantage. 28 more words