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The frozen stare

“What? No, I’m just — it’s really good flauting. I’m just so impressed by how good it is, your flauting. Flaut some more.”

You know that moment when you find yourself stuck with a guy that is in no way floating your boat?

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On The Road

I’m well aware of what you stare
While I’m standing in your underwear
Although dressed to my satisfaction
I know it’s not the way you would care… 318 more words

Me with a Chicken on my Head

This was taken earlier this year by Naa.

I was in Canberra with my ex around the time of my birthday because it had been a while since we’d seen Naa and I preferred that over throwing a massive party. 27 more words


The Cello And The Horse

So this was a funny picture I took today at Foggy Bottom. 

This guy in a shirt and tie is playing this awesome looking cello… 73 more words


They call me ninja pooch...

After a nap I quietly slide into my mums view from behind the sofa, I love to have a snack to re-energise after all the running and chasing I have done in my dreams so I fix my eyes on mum and keep them glued to her until she gets the hint. 


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Happy World Dog Day!!!

This is me at 6 weeks old. My mum told me that when she first met me it was love at first sight! Hope all you dogs out there have a great day, i have been spoiled with a lovely grooming session and lots of treats and cuddles! x

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel