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This is really a question of degree. To what extent does staring become staring?  2 sec? 1 minute? And under which context? Still, if you’re on the streets or in public, reducing a woman to her body parts is simply not okay. 541 more words

Woman Issues

Aplonis diluvialis Steadman

Huahine-Star (Aplonis diluvialis)

Diese Art wurde 1998 anhand von subfossilen Knochen beschrieben, die auf der Insel Huahine gefunden wurden.

Der Huahine-Star erreichte eine Größe von etwa 26 cm und war damit wahrscheinlich größer als alle anderen, bislang bekannten Arten seiner Gattung im pazifischen Raum, mit Ausnahme des Samoa-Stars ( 98 more words

6. Aves

Sitting by myself/
The green chair stares me down cold/
No one to sit with

Eye to Eye

How long can you keep your eyes open? Well, no matter how good you are, never challenge someone who has an eyeball for a face to a staring contest. 6 more words


One Glare - Eyes Connected

That One time, you looked at me. I returned your unwavering glare and for that moment our eyes connected but there was more that happened. You’re eyes said something you could not speak. 82 more words


I Dream of You in Moonlight

I dream of you in moonlight.
Of course, I stop to stare.
I can’t control my impulse,
When I see you there.

November 23, 2014