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My Halloween Costume

Well it’s practically Christmas, so why not FINALLY make an update about how my Halloween costume turned out? I mostly blame my broken phone and the difficulty I had in getting the photos off of it. 793 more words


Chip SuperFX

El Super FX es un chip coprocesador utilizado en cartuchos de videojuegos selectos de Super Nintendo (SNES). Este procesador RISC hecho de forma personalizada fue típicamente programado para actuar como un chip acelerador de gráficos que dibujaría polígonos a un framebuffer en la memoria RAM que se puso junto a él. 247 more words


Lylat Wars (StarFox 64)

Star Fox 64 (スターフォックス64 Sutā Fokkusu Rokujūyon) (también llamado en Europa Lylat Wars), apareció en 1997, formando parte del grupo de juegos que salieron junto a la consola Nintendo 64. 65 more words


The Gamesters Episode 3: Thankful For?

I hope you are thankful for another episode. This time we are playing…uhm? I don’t actually remember so you’re just gonna have to watch the video.

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Halloween costume progress

This year, I didn’t think I was going to dress up. I was feeling lazy and busy with other things. But then randomly, I thought of a costume that I could probably make and decided I’M DOING THIS – Fox McCloud from the video game Starfox! 941 more words


Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Smash Bros. has always felt like Nintendo’s real “tentpole” game to me, more so even than the core Mario series. That’s probably because, as a child of the ’90s, I grew up with it. 197 more words