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Star Fox Stage Revealed for Super Smash Bros. WiiU

Today Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai shared a Super Smash Bros. WiiU news update with everyone via MiiVerse.  That update was none other then the revealing of the Star Fox Stage, and this time it is the Great Fox from the GameCube title Star Fox: Assault. 72 more words


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The space rock opera continues!

Starring:  The members of On Being Human

Vocals – Travis

Guitarist – Greg

Guitarist – Lesondak

Bassist – Beau… 13 more words

Dexter Morrill

Barrel Roll

I’m going to let you figure this one out. Here’s a hint: Pirate takes things way too literally sometimes.

Play Nintendo - Shigeru Miyamoto @ E3 2014

Project Giant Robot, Project Guard and Starfox on Wii U. wp.me/p4pRRZ-1Cy
DePapier (@NintendObserver) June 22, 2014

At NintendObserver, the comment section is on Miiverse…

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Editorial: Did the Wii U Just Become a Must-have?

We’ve all seen them. The various reports and articles that claim Nintendo is doomed because of poor Wii U sales and no compelling games. Because the Wii U suffered from a confusing ad campaign and a lack of heavy hitters like Mario and Zelda, the Wii U became a target for games journalists eager to paint a dying picture for the company as Wii U floundered, not moving a ton of consoles or games to go with it. 735 more words

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Top Wii U games out of E3 2014

Generally when we consider exclusives we think of Microsoft or Sony but Nintendo still has some cool games that will only appear on its system. Here are the top ones for the Wii U. 335 more words


Project Giant Robot and Project Guard could be part of StarFox U

Shigeru Miyamoto showed off three projects of his at E3 recently: Project Giant Robot (A game where you build giant robots out of different parts to try and complete missions and battles while keeping the bot together) and Project Guard (A stealth game using security cameras to find your way out), as well as the ever-mysterious Star Fox, all for Wii U. 111 more words

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