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Stargate: Atlantis S5E7 "Whispers" | Review

“Whispers” is the seventh episode of the fifth season of the hit television series Stargate: Atlantis. The episode guest starred Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… 224 more words

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Stargate: Atlantis S3E6 "The Real World" | Review

“The Real World” (2006) is the sixth episode of the third season of Stargate: Atlantis and is a Weir centered episode. It is the technically the second part of the previous episode “Prodigy”, continuing that arc. 325 more words


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Episode Six- The West Pier- Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

The moon is high in the sky tonight… or so he’s been told. Windowless except for shafts of light that were punched through the hundreds of miles of soil and rock to the hidden sanctum dozens of years ago. 1,218 more words

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What Could Have Been: Stargate Atlantis Season 6? TV Movie?

The demise of Stargate Atlantis has long been a point of contention in the Stargate fandom. While the story of how it ended has changed over the years, the commonly believed version is that… 1,717 more words

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Ripples in a Still Pool [sga]

{Sequel to Friendship Like an Anchor-stone; in which the Stargate finally makes an appearance (by proxy).}


If asked, Sam Carter would say she is indifferent to Rodney McKay. 2,323 more words


Friendship Like an Anchor-stone [sga]

{To be honest, this isn’t anything new, but I figured I might as well collate all the fic-snippets I wrote in the comments waaaaay back when I first posted… 2,136 more words