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Ripples in a Still Pool [sga]

{Sequel to Friendship Like an Anchor-stone; in which the Stargate finally makes an appearance (by proxy).}


If asked, Sam Carter would say she is indifferent to Rodney McKay. 2,323 more words


Friendship Like an Anchor-stone [sga]

{To be honest, this isn’t anything new, but I figured I might as well collate all the fic-snippets I wrote in the comments waaaaay back when I first posted… 2,136 more words


Stargeeies Report

Okay, so lately a lot of my time has been spent watching Stargeeie shows. Love them all! I’ve seen the entire Stargate Sg-1 Series and the movies :D However this is about Stargate Atlantis meeting Star Trek The Next Generation! 79 more words


Making New Connections

I’ve returned from Creation Entertainment’s Chicago Stargate Convention and as so many friends told me to do, I have finally signed up for Facebook.  So if anyone cares, you can find me there under my name Samantha Padilla, which is as unique a name combination as John Smith, so good luck everyone.  36 more words

Stargate Atlantis

Dragon*Con Progress - Aug 4th

I’ve been consistently working on costumes for Dragon*Con – and while I’m still not finished, I’ve made significant progress.

New Costumes for Dragon*Con

Luna Lovegood (HPHBP) 196 more words


STARGATE ATLANTIS: 01.01 "Rising (part one)"

Well that was surprisingly good fun.

I know pretty much fuck all about the universe of Stargate, and I’ve always had the feeling that I’m missing out on something. 1,045 more words