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What's up, Wednesday? // 2 \\

I’ve been working on a really fun follow-up post to my Relationship Theory, and hopefully it will be up later this week. But for now, yet another What’s up, Wednesday! 815 more words

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Stargeeies Report

Okay, so lately a lot of my time has been spent watching Stargeeie shows. Love them all! I’ve seen the entire Stargate Sg-1 Series and the movies :D However this is about Stargate Atlantis meeting Star Trek The Next Generation! 79 more words


Fanfiction Recommendation - Stargate - Untitled

Untitled by sixbeforelunchJack always looks over Daniel and Sam’s reports before turning them in to Hammond.  I don’t think the premise is actually quite in character for Daniel and Sam, but if you suspend your disbelief on that one point, it’s just so fun and the characters are so spot on that I have to recommend it.


Fanfiction Recommendation - Stargate - expert only at unspeakable things

expert only at unspeakable things by sixbeforelunch “I’m not sure I know what to say. But I think the conversation would go a little easier with over-priced coffee.” 26 more words


Fanfiction Recommendation - Stargate - Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome by annerbhp Jack and Sam get captured by the worst bad guys ever.  This is a fun teamfic, with highly unusual “villains”.  16 more words


Anthropology in Outerspace

TGA’s exciting new fall series will examine representations of anthropology in science-fiction. Emma, Marie-Pierre and Rayna will discuss cases from various TV series, movies and books and what they reveal about popular perceptions on this science and its branches (archeology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology and sociocultural anthropology). 138 more words