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I was sleepless yet again. I sat up on the bed, took my cellphone, and slid my fingers across the screen that read‘2: 35 AM’. 781 more words

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Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.
-Ralph Vaull Starr

Turn On, Tune In, Be Still….. 25 more words


Johnny Depp Stars in 'Transcendence'

Nurturing an admirably vaulting ambition that doesn t always fit neatly within the format of a conventional, mass audience-aimed Hollywood production, Transcendence joins a growing group of films that intriguingly speculates  Johnny Depp dies and is reborn as a computer brain in Transcendence, the latest science-fiction thriller about artificial intelligence. 24 more words

4M Glow-In-The-Dark Stars moon and stars (1 Mooon, 12 stars)

Create a glowing celestial scene in your room with the Toysmith Glow-In-The-Dark Moon & Stars from 4M. Stick them on your walls or ceiling and fill your room with the glow of a crescent moon and ten assorted stars. 52 more words


Her dying wish was to fly.

On a dark starless night, the girl ran the line of the street with only the lunar light to guide her. 180 more words