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Some People...

Some people are just so goddamn courageous that i can be burned to death¬†whenever i get to talk to them…

Some people are so goddamn nice and friendly that i’m blinded by their bright aura… 445 more words


"So Sure That You're A Leo? Think Again!" - Stellar Drift and Expansion

Okay, so everything is moving constantly. Right? Okay, Right. If you remember that space is expanding, then the idea that everything in space is essentially moving in the omnidirectional pathways that the initial “Big-Bang” would naturally spread out in, (as with every explosion) shouldn’t be too weird. 237 more words

Star Songs

From my roof I count the stars and they fill my head with sweet songs, but although the rhymes stick, the reason floats away when dawn washes over me. 82 more words



If I sleep earlier, I loss creativity. But as dark as it may get, the ponderance of the stars suffices my longings infinitely.

Twinkle on.


COVERED: Lupita Nyong'o Nabs PEOPLE Magazine's 'Most Beautiful Person' Title

Lupita Nyong’o is the most beautiful woman on the planet!

The Oscar-winning actress was just named PEOPLE Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person!

The magazine has announced that the… 93 more words