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to be the other's

Anna never knew him, in the sense you or I, may. She knew him, in that no doubt lay.

Quentin never knew her, never wanted to but when he did, he knew with absolute, unshakeable certainty. 182 more words

The Stillness

The still hours of silence have always been the best part of my day. No matter how long I spend with that special one staring the stars go by or dance with him on the beats set high, I still steal out time to share a coffee with the raindrops kissing the ground.   405 more words


Look up at the stars

I look up at the stars
they shine
in our clouded skies of grey

So we turn, instead, to the stars on earth
they flicker… 33 more words


[Oh, Snap!] Zion So Nice, We Visited Thrice - And Bits of Colorado and Bryce

On the way back home from Colorado we made an executive decision to not just visit the park at Zion one more time – but to get some double duty in by visiting at dusk and during the day, all the while galavanting through places Black Dragon Canyon, Red Canyon, Dixie National Park and Bryce Canyon while checking them off of our bucket list. 463 more words


BACHELORETTE PAD? Beyonce Goes Apartment Shopping Without Jay-Z

Amid rumors of an inevitable split and an “only for the money” relationship, new reports reveal that Beyonce went apartment shopping in Manhattan without Jay”s knowledge. 246 more words


The Star

As a kid, she loved the star. It was always there for her. Whenever she was blue, she would just look up and there it was, shining brightly at her, as if smiling gently at her naivety. 261 more words


Mixing Singles.

Chasing clouds in the night sky trying to find out why they stay up all night. Blankets to the stars and a friend to the moon. 95 more words