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"It Don't Come Often and It Don't Stay Long"

Six and a half hours.


That’s how long I had on a peaceful locomotive completely alone, which is why the universe gently (then incessantly) prodded me to wake up the brain. 546 more words

The Constant Ocean

Looking at the sea is a little like gazing at the night time stars. It really makes you feel small in the scale of things. 61 more words


This is for this week’s  Illustration Friday prompt (if you don’t know what that is, google Illustration Friday.. seriously AWeSOMe and so so fun).


A to Z Challenge: O for Orion Nebula

Many times the husband and I would look up at the night sky while taking a walk and notice three bright stars, quite close together. One of us would always have to say “There’s Orion in the sky.” I guess because it’s one of the easiest for us to see it’s a favorite. 52 more words

A To Z Challenge

تأملات ستولشنايية .....

تأملات ستولشنايية…..
أحياناً، شغلة صغيرة فجأة بتلفت إنتباهك، مع إنه عالشغلة طول عمرك بتشوفها وبتستعملها بدون ما تعيرها أي إهتمام لضحالة هاي الشغلة بحياتك السريعة، وما بعرف هو الواحد لما يكبر بيصير يدقر ولا هي فعلياً تأملات ستولشنايية، إلي بتخليك تركز على شغلة وتصفن وتقرر تشوف شو قصتها!؟


The Prettiest Star

If people were like the stars in the galaxy

You’d be the brightest and prettiest of them all.


Affirmation # 9

I look up to the stars every single night and thank God for the Universe.

I walk my dogs every night. Sometimes we go outside just to look at the stars. 307 more words