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IRELAND : Ryan Dolan strips for 'Attitude Magazine'

Ireland’s Ryan Dolan is set to bare all – literally – as he will pose for ‘Attitude Magazine’. Well if you looked as good as him then I would be living the life of a nudist but one can only dream of being young again! 193 more words


Turning the page.

I read all of the messages that you sent to me.
The ones that told me I was spineless, the ones that told me I was a child. 354 more words

Starting again is just like gardening

This thought occurred to me this morning whilst tending to my pot: starting again is like gardening. For the seedlings and plants that were once blooming that now appear withered and half dead, well, simply put you have to weed out the weeds, rip out those roots that have strangled and suffocated the original plant. 167 more words


Then all of the sudden, someone sees you. Now what...

It’s a wierd concept “to be seen”. It can mean just about anything to anyone. To me, it means someone acknowledging I’m here. No, not my loved ones. 589 more words

Happy new year

We are back and Yes, wishing a happy new year because for me the new year always begins in September. It is when all the waters again on track, when we get the purposes, when all begins again. 55 more words

Cámara Digital - Digital Camera


Well as i said in my intro i probably wouldn’t be able to stick with this blog, i have very few entries before it was abandoned only to be remembered when my english professor decided to have us post short things on a blog forum she set up for us. 75 more words

You Can Always Start Again...


I’ve really been away from this blog for a long while. And i know some friends have been missing my posts.

To be honest, my absence is not just due to the fact that i’ve been very busy lately. 228 more words