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I’ve lived with evils who smear!

It always frightened me since I felt naked and bear.


… Never did he care! 100 more words



It has been busy the last few days and I feel like I need to…

The last 7 days have been..
Full of pain…
Laughter with friends… 22 more words


The Words of Life: A New Sonnet

This is the season of new beginnings. Some people may have made the resolution, in one way or another, to ‘turn over a new leaf’, though when I used that phrase once in a conversation with my mother, she looked at me sharply and said: ‘Its not the leaves, its the roots that want turning!’ 443 more words



WARNING – A SERIOUS TOPIC – You’ve been warned…

Allot is happening in my life right now, some things I wish weren’t happening and somethings I can’t wait for, but overall they are going to happen, no matter what we do that… 230 more words

The Beginning

Happy New Year!

I know we’re midway through January but it’s never too late to say it!

New Year’s a time of renovation. Just like a snake changes its skin every now and then, each year we are granted the opportunity to start all over again. 356 more words

On Crafts

To Begin Again

One of life’s most difficult things, I have noticed, is to begin again when others are watching. For me it has always been much easier to garner my private failures and tell no one when I try again, harder, ever hopeful, differently this time, but perhaps with the same possibility of failure. 240 more words

Daily Life

Inner and Outer Beauty is 1 Year Old!

Hey everyone!

Happy one year anniversary! Thank you to those of you who have been with me since the beginning!

Last year brought a lot of changes – both good and bad – and one of the best leaps I finally took was starting this blog. 730 more words