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No milk....

Im on time with the kids thank*#ck seriously we’re late more often than I’d like to admit, I get the she’s grown to heads look from other parents but I’m like meh, I’ve got coffee at home, I get home & honestly it looks like 5 teenagers live here, and no it’s just my hubby who’s fifo, my 2 daughters and I, so to start the day Mummy needs coffee, my cuppa’s on the bench waiting to be made šŸ˜Š which Mind you I had to wait for so the girls wouldn’t be late anyway I go to the fridge for milk & … 126 more words


Day 3 of 28 Days to Simplify My Life a la Pinterest: "Start the Day"

The real name of this tip is “How to… Start the Day,” and outlines the things that different very successful people do first in their day. 227 more words

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Starting the day ...

I love breakfast! Fortunately for me one of the eating out trends seems to be for offering interesting breakfasts. Monsieur Controleur and I have a routine that includes going to the market on a Saturday thenĀ heading to our “local” cafe for a hearty breakfast. 141 more words