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Startup of the Month: #watchthisspace

One very apparent thing about life in Cape Town: everywhere you look, someone has started their own business.

I have always been aware of the fact that when I am in the Mother City, I tend to feel this desire for ambition to take hold of me. 164 more words


Why Lean Start-up is transforming business?


After hearing a few friends talking about this new approach for starting up a business, called the Lean Start-up, I decided to find out what it’s about. 514 more words


What do you get with my business support?

There are a lot of different words bandied around in this sector: consultancy, advice, support, coaching, mentoring. They’re often used interchangeably, and not always in a strictly accurate sense. 689 more words


El valor de las ideas #Summaideas

Las ideas cobran valor al momento de su creación, este valor se puede medir dentro de la organización o empresa, se considera así como la marca, el recurso más importante para estas. 382 more words

Cardberry- the all in one loyalty card

Thanks to the upcoming Web Summit in Dublin, I have discovered quite a few start-ups that have peaked my interest and Cardberry is one of them.  896 more words


Da Gestão Comunitária à organização de comunidades @inevenio

Comunicado de imprensa, DigitaleBox                                                  Neuilly sur seine, 23 de Outubro de 2014

Da Gestão Comunitária à organização de comunidades

Um Community Manager gere com alguma dificuldade até uma dúzia de ferramentas diariamente. 470 more words


Aim to create value, and everything else will follow

Over the past year, I have met many founders, who are doing what they are doing in pursuit of a variety of things- money, fame, an early retirement, etc. 217 more words