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Deborah Hernan: Learning from Icons to Launching New Lines

If luck is when preparation meets opportunity, then Deborah Hernan has had a career full of it. While most of us settle for reading about the business and creative greats of our time, Hernan has had a career replete with learning from some of the best first hand. 2,000 more words

The Stories

Recycle, Reuse, Reproft: Startups Try to Make Money Selling Your Stuff

In a bustling San Francisco warehouse, a buyer for a startup called Twice is inspecting a pair of used jeans. She checks the buttonholes and zipper for snags, the legs and cuffs for wear. 529 more words

How to become a sponsor company to hire migrants - the check list of the Home Office

The Home Office launched a series of monthly workshops organised in collaboration with Tech London Advocates, to make rules more easy to navigate. Migreat was there and, below, presents the take-aways of what it takes to apply to a sponsorship licence. 422 more words


6 Tips to Choose the Right Start Up Incubator.

Choosing the right incubator can very well turn out to be the most important decisions start up companies have to make. The incubators may guide and accelerate your business as well as keep you on track with their in-house coaching and mentoring programs. 397 more words

The Secret

To Succeed, Be The One Everyone Can Count On

The CEO and Founder of the 1871 Start-up Incubator that I work at, Howard Tullman, recently had his article featured on the INC homepage. He talks about some basic skills everyone should have to be successful, whether it be in their careers, relationships, or their entrepreneurial endeavors. 1,247 more words


Tuck Pages Away to Read Later with... Pocket!

I have to share this considering it’s my dream come true… since I bookmark a million articles and pages I want to come back to, but then I lose them in the dark abyss of my bookmark folders. 87 more words


3 Tips For Being Young and In Charge

I’ve always been the youngest.  I was a young manager at a cell phone store at 18, I was a young stock broker at the age of 20, I was a young business owner at the age of 23.   402 more words