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Your Start-Up's Hierarchy of Needs

Many startups talk about having missions with an “impact.” I’ll assume for this discussion that they mean the “impact” of a rocket gently touching down on Mars with its team of first explorers rather than the “impact” of a flaming meteoric ball of gas landing in a major metropolitan area after hurtling at break neck speed from outer space. 1,197 more words


Growing Up in Silicon Valley

My younger daughter attends a small, public elementary school in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many of the children’s parents work at start-ups or venture capital firms, or are otherwise involved in the emerging technology ecosystem in some way. 701 more words


Building An Inbound Business Development Team

The term “business development” means different things to different people, much like the phrases “product management,” or “challenging math problem,” or “this should only take a couple of hours.” 644 more words


NYC to Host World Cup for Problem-Solving Startups This Month

From standing out on Kicktarter to vying for VC, startups have to work so hard to get noticed that you could call the whole tech industry a competition. 243 more words

New York City

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“We’re not looking for the next Angry Birds or Yo,” Ms. Harris said. “We’re looking for the next solution to traffic gridlock, a pathbreaking health care app or the next breakthrough in testing water for unsafe chemicals.” This looks like an amazing competition.

Brand names and how research can solve one or two headaches

I love Bacanal. I love the name, the brand, I love how the meaning of Bacanal relates to the brand’s identity.

Romans and Greeks used to party hard in honour of Bacchus (or Dionysius). 282 more words

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The restaurant trader desk

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants with Joaco, one of my best friends who was visiting from Argentina. Haven’t seen him in a long time so we were chatting and catching up when right in front of me something caught my attention: the service area of the restaurant was populated with screens (see the picture). 404 more words

Start Ups

I'm fascinated by Ello because it reminds me of when the social web was still new

Warning: This post may contain statements that sound like an old person lecturing younger readers about how things were better back in the day. I’d like to apologize for that in advance. 1,172 more words

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My Ello group is currently and inadvertently exclusive, in a lot of the ways and for many of the reasons that this article talks about. It is freeing to be unencumbered by certain types of obligatory social connections and reminds me of the happy, earlier days of Livejournal. So I could not decide which quote to pull out, because I found myself going, "Yeah, totally! YEAH, TOTALLY." to like, all of them. This "moment of imagination", as ushered in by this new take on social media, is exciting for all the anarchy is brings back. I remember when the Internet was a Wild West playground for outlaws, hackers, nerds, communicators and artists and it's exciting to have a little piece of that restored to us, even if only temporarily.