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Start-ups & Unpaid Internships

I recently stumbled on a job listing that made me do a double-take and cringe.

“This role is EXTREMELY important for us!”

I won’t lie. A more naive me would’ve applied for this job regardless of the consequences because experience is everything, right? 238 more words


Product Development in Shenzhen: Should You Move to Hong Kong?

China’s emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse over the last decade was quite the debut. Besides surpassing the United States as the world’s largest producer of manufactured goods in 2011, China also managed to double their GDP per capita and in turn, greatly improve the nation’s standard of living. 870 more words

Product Development

Perspective from the East Coast

“Sure, it’s “sexy and glamorous and fun” to work for consumer tech startups, said Robert Coughlin, chief executive of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, a nearly 30-year-old trade group, during an interview in his office at  136 more words


Charms Investments Launches New Website, Sets Record Year

Charms Investments Ltd., a boutique management and advisory firm, has just launched their new corporate website along with a record setting year, completing 30 reverse mergers for 2014.  384 more words


Your Start-Up's Hierarchy of Needs

Many startups talk about having missions with an “impact.” I’ll assume for this discussion that they mean the “impact” of a rocket gently touching down on Mars with its team of first explorers rather than the “impact” of a flaming meteoric ball of gas landing in a major metropolitan area after hurtling at break neck speed from outer space. 1,197 more words


Growing Up in Silicon Valley

My younger daughter attends a small, public elementary school in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many of the children’s parents work at start-ups or venture capital firms, or are otherwise involved in the emerging technology ecosystem in some way. 701 more words


Building An Inbound Business Development Team

The term “business development” means different things to different people, much like the phrases “product management,” or “challenging math problem,” or “this should only take a couple of hours.” 644 more words