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Challenges finding a technical Co-founder in Nigeria

Apple we know today would not have existed if there was no Wozniak. But the world knows Steve jobs as the creative genius behind Apple’s success. 1,547 more words


Can your finger nails prevent rape?

Its been a tough week of tedious work and the one shining light at the end of the tunnel is enjoying an evening out with some mates, having a couple of drinks and making the most of the night. 317 more words


Marketing Advice for Start-ups: Know your customer first

An e-commerce start-up asked for my thoughts on how the company should be thinking about marketing and what could be done with almost no marketing budget to drive acquisition and purchasing activity. 678 more words

Eric Dunstan

Better Apps for Better Drivers

Most of us perceive ourselves as good capable drivers with the rare exception when it comes to making those tight parallel squeezes when parking is scarce. 478 more words


Entrepreneurs 2014: Successful Business by Boiling Down to the Right KPIs


Recently I had a very interesting meeting with a young entrepreneur. This entrepreneur found a smart solution for a latent business problem and started his own business. 483 more words


Vending machines that saves the planet and animals

A company in Turkey called Pugedon has developed an absolutely brilliant vending machine that is self sustainable, economic, recycles and takes care of stray dogs. 319 more words