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The Fellowship of Suffering - Introduction and Prelude

A Mind Running Amok
Last Annual Vol State Road Race – Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jeff’s Introduction

In a recent blog you learned about the Last… 1,349 more words

Harry And Ollie's

Brand New Start

Alter Bridge – “Brand New Start”

Against the sky
Streams of light
Call out to me and you

We leave as one
We’ve just begun… 104 more words


Starting Over...

So I started this blog over a year ago but I’ve decided to delete all my old posts and start again from the beginning. This time I’ve decided that the blog is just going to be me writing random stuff with a bit of creative writing, a few pictures¬†and lots of lyrics. 11 more words


You need to start somewhere...

This is true for pretty much everything you do in life. Luckily, I’m only talking about cosplay. Technically, I’ve already started cosplaying, and I’m doing well enough that I don’t really need to do all that fancy stuff. 238 more words

Where do I begin ( sang in the style but not the key of Shirl)

July 22nd 2014

It just occurred to me this weekend whilst I was mid domesticated goddess attempt, just how much is actually going on in my life. 301 more words

Day 20

From: Vilavante
To: El Ganso
Today we had another surprise during our walk. So when we left the hotel we were expecting to only have to walk 25km, because thats what we had seen in our map. 113 more words


the start

Every journey has a start. I guess it’s time I begin this one. It’s been a long time coming, but starting is sometimes the hardest part. 79 more words