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Happy Birthday to my Big Brother, Scott

No one knows me like my brother.
No one ever will.
He’s the one who’s always been there.

Goodness only knows what I must’ve learned from him as a little kid — I sure don’t remember. 481 more words


The worst part about chopping off my finger...

Is that when my friend comes to take me to the hospital, I’ll still be wearing my pajamas.  And not just any pajamas, my mumu.  It’s 2:45pm. 510 more words


No Such Thing as Blog Rants: It's Ok to start in the Middle by Tara Audibert

It’s OK to start in the middle

When you want to start something it can be really hard because there are so many things that can go wrong. 961 more words


Romantic Musings in New Zealand

I dreamed about him last night.

Not him but the last him, “the one that got away.”

Since I’ve come here I’ve slept well and deeply (surprising since I share a double ‘bed’ in the back of a small van.)  Because I’ve had no access to weed and barely any money to spend on drinks I’ve been recalling my dreams in vivd detail.   880 more words

Starting Over

“Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don’t.”
― Stephen King…

433 more words
Becoming Me

Novelist's Lament (A long and rather laboured metaphor, dressed up as a poor attempt at Po-Etry)

Sometimes, writing a book is like…
When you’re sitting alone at an old, abandoned train station,
Where hardly any trains stop at all.
And still, you’re waiting for the day… 169 more words


On Your Mark... Get Set...

Waiting to start,

a splinter of light against a vast dark.

What can begin to take hold in this barren yet fertile ground?

Chemotherapy strips you down, like paint thinner washing out the last self portrait. 294 more words