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Foetal Position Time

Plodded into work this morning and was informed I would be doing an additional thing today.

Stared at my manager, horrified.  It was 8am.

Yes, I have had green tea, but that is not REAL tea, so seriously, don’t go rocking my morning before the caffeine hits.   415 more words


Binge Eating x Nigerian Startups

In the past weeks, i have become interested in tech startups between being interested in digital media, watching Digits and Young CEO on NdaniTV and stumbling on different articles in the progress. 183 more words

Starting Over

After the Fire

Forest fires are scary things.

It can start with a cigarette, campfire or lightening strike. What ignites it doesn’t matter, because it becomes a fire.  Fire doesn’t care what it takes down or where it spreads. 407 more words


New Day, New Me

I have always thought about making a blog, but to be honest with you, I am shy. Yes, the ultimate cop out to not do anything. 271 more words


moving is never easy (the last ten years)

Today’s post is going to be a little different. While I usually like to talk about healthy recipes or free things going on in Manhattan, today I wanted to write about packing up your childhood home and putting your life into boxes. 327 more words


Sore As Hell...

painWhy do I do this over and over?  Every time I start working out again, the muscles get so sore from being inactive for so long.  148 more words


Starting a New Career

I have had two major dreams in my life; to be an astronaut and to be a writer. I will be honest with you, after my mom took me to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida I was fairly certain that my feet were going to stay on Earth. 238 more words