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Beginning again

This summer, this frame of mind rather, is awesome. Awesome is such a five year old boy’s word. Nevertheless, that’s how I feel. *Cue When will my life begin?  805 more words

Someone Died in the Last Day of July

Starting over.

It’s hard to let go of things that were important and defined you for a long time, you know, feels like somehow it’s gonna be all down hill from that point. 17 more words

Anxious Decisions And Quitting My Job

If you’ve lived with anxiety you know how it can lead to hasty decisions (just to make it stop!)

For me it would keep me from attending class most days and eventually discontinuing high school. 1,063 more words


Thankful Monday... David James

After a crazy week of highs and lows and my first week alone in a new city I’m feeling very thankful to have spent Saturday night with some Ohio friends. 88 more words


Nothing Is New

Maybe you knew this and maybe this is a big revelation but nothing in the realm of human activity, thought, or emotion is new.  Maybe it’s new to you but it’s not new to God. 358 more words

Thankful Monday... A free place to sleep

After seeing the “hostel” Sunday night and sleeping on dirty sheets I am very thankful to have a safe free place to stay for 2 weeks. 30 more words


New beginnings.

Ever had a thought that scared you? One that you didn’t even realise you had inside? Something you had no idea you were thinking?

As I drove to the place I call home two questions suddenly came to my mind: “What if you just kept driving? 415 more words