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This morning I woke up and as soon as I woke up I knew something was off. I went out last night and I desperately want to blame what happened on that fact. 253 more words

release me

Please release me.

I know these weren’t your intentions. You just wanted to help. And you did, you really did, and I’m so thankful. 102 more words

I’m completely engulfed in flames, frantically running around a pool, unable to dive in.

I’m in so much pain, and I know the cure, but unable to accept it. 21 more words

Binge Struggles

It’s my worst enemy. Binging. It’s like some days I can be fine, then others this greedy, disgusting fat beast takes over my body and forces me into eating anything I can get my hands on. 642 more words


So much has happened.

80 hour work week coming to an end.
Mom found letter, she’s sad.
Eating disorder.
Best friend sad.
Guilt over being a bad friend. 236 more words

I’m so fucking tired of my eating disorder being what I’m known for. So fucking tired of it.

I cannot do anything, I mean ANYTHING, without it somehow, someway, be related to my eating disorder. 238 more words