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Another Boring Story

Down from 165 lbs to 140, and that’s with the bloating from my period (which usually adds 5 lbs) that has decided to greet me for the first time in a while. 224 more words


"I Thought You Weren't Listening"

“Everyone always said he was into fat chicks.”

The ‘he’ in question was my ex boyfriend, and this sentence of hurt plunging straight through me like an arrow came from someone who I have always considered a friend, sitting at a table close to mine. 324 more words



Every morning, I get women up by my two dogs. They’re either licking my face, biting my hands or rolling all over me, waiting for me to get up. 429 more words

Random Post!!

Dears Ana’s,

I’m just here to talk about what you should be expecting in my posts, and why I’ve not been on for a long time. 155 more words

Finally Back!!

Guys, I’m finally back!!

I’ve been busy with school -_- I also need some motivation because I’ve been binging EVERYDAY for like three weeks!! Gosh, I’m feeling so fat!! 35 more words


So sorry everyone, it has just been a bit of a busy month! Uni assignments taking their toll etc.. Not to mention I was probably a tad embarassed about the amount I had been eating… But YESTERDAY I ALMOST MADE MY UGW… But I’m not all that impressed to be honest.. 249 more words