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Where to begin, where to begin?? A lot has happened.

Bad news first, because we all like to end on a good note. Well, actually, all the news is conflicting in different aspects to me- but I will do “good” and “bad” based on what the… 517 more words

Dig in!

I love scientists, don’t you? Sometimes they come up with such unbelievably good news for people like me who suspect they’re making mostly bad health choices. Well, not this time, yay!

Bright Future


Finally my exams are over that might seem like a good thing to many but not to me. Whilst my exams were on I could tell people I was too busy revising to eat, and I could exercise in my room all night without them bothering me. 154 more words


Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Food is a blessing but not everyone will be eating good today. I rather starve with who loves me than to feast with who hates me. 47 more words

'Get paid fast'-What's the 'Security of Payments Act'?

In the past some builders were simply just not paying their bills, often not because they didn’t want to but because, through no fault of their own, they couldn’t. 259 more words

Construction Law Australia


I look happy
I act happy
I convince people I’m happy
I convince myself I’m happy

The truth, though
Is that I’m not-
At all


Will anything I do be enough?

No- it won’t be. No amount of success, content ness, love, peace or tranquility will ever be enough. Unless, of course, I succeed in recovery. 212 more words