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Morning After

Hello all my little beauties, so I’ve come to the realization that the ‘Morning After’ a fast is the worst, and best feelings ever.

So, how I thought up this topic would be; I just woke up. 125 more words



This is the beginning of my thinspo section of this blog! hope you all enjoy!
-K xo


You have to live through it

“Nobody will protect you from your suffering.
You can’t cry it away
or eat it away
or starve it away
or walk it away
or punch it away or…
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Sick Mother Leaves Her Baby to Starve to Death for 2 Weeks While She Parties

“19 year old Russian woman Alyona Ipatova (pictred left) who left her five-month-old baby to starve to death while she went out partying for two weeks has been sentenced to a minimum of 10 years’ hard labour. 167 more words


So you guys!!! I got an internship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so freaking excited!!!! I wish i could tell you about my weekend and all the emotions i went through but none of that is as important as this! 598 more words


Poem 337 - Hunger

A faint nagging might begin it,
As gentle as the whisper of a child
But soon it grows to become all-consuming -
Consuming! So unfortunate a word… 292 more words


Fasting whilst Stacey is on Annual leave

Today I have decided to start a seven day fast. It is also the first day of Stacey’s ten day annual leave. Thankfully he knows how important it is for me to be largely horizontal during these 7 days! 142 more words