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Starve and Smoke

I’ve always had issues with my weight and self image. I’ve often considered myself as suffering from body dysmorphic disorder but unlike those poor souls, I know what I see in the mirror is real. 751 more words

Body Image

How many calories in post-nuclear junk food?

I’m fat.

Everyone else is starving, but I understood from the very beginning that junk food would survive the cataclysm. Most canned food is gone, and there are no vegetables or fruits being grown–at least not in this area. 27 more words

America The Land Of Immigrants and Opportunities !

Those who allege blindly that America is arrogant out of ignorance and delusion ought to reevaluate themselves.They are the pinnacle of hate and deception . 131 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

My Journey into Don't Starve! Wendy's Adventure!!!

She died….So sad….

I was unable to get a picture of her death. I wasn’t fast enough so I apologize! Hahaha. The death was pretty bad. 17 more words

Why Do We Game

U.N. to intervene in Detroit water shutoffs - USA a "3rd World Nation"!!!!

U.N. to intervene in Detroit water shutoffs.

aMeRiKa, Land of The Lost — So It Goes !!!!!!!

As a few of you know, Detroit, Michigan is a bankrupt city. 810 more words

i want to live off of cigarettes, diet coke, gum, black coffee, and water.

Stay Away From Food

I can’t look at food without feeling guilty. I feel disgusting while eating no matter how good the food tastes. And once I eat, I can’t stop. 64 more words

Spilled Thoughts