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The Artists Plight to Employment

Art students have mixed feelings about internships. October is advising month and students will have the option to take an internship for credit. While some students look forward to the experience of an internship, others feel that they are getting enough experience with their independent projects and assisting professors. 344 more words

Salisbury University

STARBUCKS PAY their customers??


Let’s hear what Dr. OZ has to say first shall we?

Unfortunately Starbucks wouldn’t dare pay their customers $2-$8 for a cup of coffee, they need to keep business running! 520 more words

Sasha Blessed

NeverSkurred's Mind Infection - Evolution (or Rambling On About My Life and Future and Stuff...)

I’ve been going through a lot of personal changes in my life the past few weeks. Most notably, I stepped away from being a full time artist. 881 more words

On Letting Go

A couple of months ago, I found my old Minolta camera. It is a beautiful object. It has a beautifully tacky 1970s patterned strap, and a clunky leather case. 1,118 more words

Selling the Starving Artist

We are all too familiar with the phrase, “starving artist.” Some may think of their friends as very talented artists. But unfortunately, they may have given up the dream because it seemed too intangible or they couldn’t find the right platform to sell their art work. 559 more words

Digital Publishing

Adding new Items to my etsy shop

I sell my vintage items to fund my art projects  ; )  Im disabled and want to work! But have only had luck working for myself. 33 more words


Art Space

Bob Simons’ artwork has been featured at many of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District and local art galleries, as well as galleries in Santa Fe. 184 more words