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3 Reasons I Refuse to Be a Starving Artist

“But Lauren, that’s not your dream!”

This is how some well-meaning friends and extended family protest when I describe my day job. They know being a musician is important to me… 627 more words

The Art of Being a Broke 30 something

I never have money. Like, never. I think I inherently have a dark, weird trait of enjoying the struggle of life by being just lazy enough to make things difficult for myself by not having money. 329 more words

Being Single

The Machine

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed”

The Machine

With closed eyes we walk straight lines
Forgetting to open our eyes and dance in the intersections
We have become a living machine… 178 more words


Starving Artist

Starving Artist is cliche, often used to describe Artist Who have risked all to Express their Creativity
Millions of people apply for Talent Shows some with very little talent that only seek the position of Stardom. 15 more words

The starving musician's lament.

Singing out, about the blue days…

beautiful smiles- I hope they see me.

Top of your lungs- and acoustic guitars

praying this gig- will show you the stars. 34 more words


Poll: Which controversial topics should Dangerous Lee talk about in 2015?

a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.

I want to get more personal and lay a few things out on the table in the coming year. 12 more words

Dangerous Words