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Hanging out in love

Do you ever struggle with loving yourself?

How about believing you are loved? Or if you know you are, believing you are worthy of being loved? 495 more words

Inside Out

Sneaky Shame

That one feeling we’ve all felt at some point in our lives… Shame. A few may have a hard time excepting that they operate out of shame on a daily basis, but lets face it we do! 1,061 more words


i am back, readers. what have i been up to? i’m not sure. I never know how to answer the question when it is asked. i have been pursuing an intimate relationship with my creator. 296 more words


We’d be on time for ballet except the road is closed. Side street detour our only option. Instead of dancing we’re sitting pretty, bumper to bumper.  676 more words

Looking Back in Love

Looking back is difficult while trying to go forward, so I stopped for a moment this week and let God show me where I’ve been. I took a long, loving look back at my journey and remembered with love and gratitude the events, people and places that shaped my past. 490 more words


Day 2 :: Baby Steps to an Abundant Intentional Life...

in·ten·tion: noun {plural noun: intentions} 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.  Ex: “she was full of good intentions

in·ten·tion·al·ly: adverb 1. deliberately; on purpose; by design; conscienciously. 537 more words


Thoughts: Becoming Myself, chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Becoming Myself, “Beauty Forged in Suffering,” is so full of good stuff, that I found myself underlining and underlining.

And do I know something about beauty forged in suffering. 1,510 more words