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Thoughts: Becoming Myself, Chapter 2

This is a long one, so bear with me. As Stasi Eldredge stated in Chapter 1 of Becoming Myself (discussed HERE), we are all of us, in some part of our lives, a “glorious mess.” Some of us are complete wrecks. 2,066 more words

"Captivating" Review: 170-187, "Mothers, Daughters, Sisters"

Out of all the chapters we’ve been through, I think this is the one that has the most I’ve agreed with. She focuses on relationships here, and on the whole I don’t think that what she describes and teaches is all that far off base. 973 more words


"Captivating" Review: 150-169, "Arousing Adam"

I’m skipping a chapter because it’s titled “Beauty to Unveil,” and I’m not critiquing what they have to say about beauty again. I’ve already spent… 678 more words


A New Study: Becoming Myself

Last week I embarked on a new study. I’m not really into self-help stuff. They cause me to dive too deeply into my flaws, my mistakes, my ugliness, and usually lead to thoughts of what I’m not doing right, self-loathing, confusion, and often periods of depression. 695 more words

I'm With You

I’m With You

Naomi and Ruth

 As important as our physical and psychological connections are, equally as important is a spiritual connection among women. When women have the same faith-based values, they seem to be so closely connected that their souls can be “knit together.” Because I, as a woman, am such a deeply relational being, it is so vital to me that I have sisters who share my same faith and values. 446 more words

"Captivating" Review: 113-129, "Romanced"

We’re halfway through the book! Also, Handsome is in the middle of reading Wild at Heart, and he’s putting his thoughts on it into a post, which I am pretty excited about. 1,105 more words


Wasted Time?

I just spent the better part of 2 hours – scratch that – I just spent almost 2 mind-numbing hours watching clips from “Britain’s Got/Australia’s Got/Korea’s Got/America’s Got Talent”! 715 more words