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Ted Cruz: Texas-sized embarrassment

Ted Cruz is my senator. I accept that he’s one of two men who serve in the U.S. Senate on behalf of Texas.

I didn’t vote for him in 2012. 283 more words

Lurch promises $47 million to Gaza, which means Hamas. Aiding and abetting the enemy of an ally may not be treasonous, but it is certainly immoral. John Kerry is no stranger to treason....


UPDATE: From Robert Morrissey – ” Article III, Section 3. “…adhering to their(the States) Enemies…”. Brigitte Gabriel emailed me this on July 21 (3 days ago): “HAMAS is a US State Department officially-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. 582 more words

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Lurch and Barry make a good comedy team and that is where they should have stayed, putting them in positions of power puts the entire world in jeopardy. Neither one of those two as a clue --- we will never live this down.

Iraqi Kurdish oil may finally be freely for sale as the US seems to be dropping its threats

The United Leadership, a tanker containing about one million barrels of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan, has been stuck at sea for two months. The ship has been mostly anchored off the Moroccan coast, the victim of legal threats against potential buyers. 704 more words

Uganda: "bursting at the seams" says State OIG inspection

The State Department Office of the Inspector General released this afternoon its latest regular inspection report for the U.S. Embassy in Uganda. The Kampala mission, the second largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, gets good marks, but is facing critical physical space problems from ongoing and expected growth–”bursting at the seams”. 498 more words


Letter to the U.S. State Department regarding money pledged to Gaza

After calling Senator Charles Schumer’s office in regard to the $47 million in aid pledged to Gaza, I sent the following letter to the U.S. State Department.   180 more words

Peacebuilding in Eastern Europe 2.0: Application period is now OPEN!

The Youth Ambassadors Institute, recipient of the European Union Youth Award is pleased to announce its second edition of the Peace Building in Eastern Europe conference in Chişinău, Moldova and Kiev, Ukraine this Fall. 121 more words