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Meanwhile, In Florida: Woman Drives Car Through CVS, Elderly Woman Who Killed 3 In Crash Gets Suspended License (DETAILS)

Today in “Stories from Florida,” we have a couple of Floridians who should probably go back to driving school.

Actually, they should definitely go back to driving school. 299 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: Man Stages Robbery To Get Out Of Work, Werewolf Robs A Forever 21 (DETAILS)

Today in “Stories from Florida,” we have a man who was so sick of work that he decided to stage a robbery to get off, a werewolf who robbed a Forever 21 clothing store, and a man who overlooked a real corpse because it was April Fool’s Day. 599 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: Elderly Man Punches Woman In McDonald's Drive Thru Because She Cut Him (VIDEO)

So this happened.

An elderly man who is serious about his Big Mac and fries got into a physical altercation with a woman after she “skipped” him in the McDonald’s drive-thru line in Winter Haven, Florida. 225 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: Florida Man To Take Over Westboro Baptist Church...AND MORE!

Today in “Stories from Florida,” we finally know who will take over the ridiculous, racist, discriminative Westboro Baptist Church, and we have a tale of a Florida man who got caught having sex in a Walgreens by a 6-year-old. 381 more words


Hmmm...Florida Pastors Urge Marissa Alexander To Take Plea Deal To Get Case Out Of Spotlight (VIDEO)

Florida pastors have written a letter to the Jacksonville, Fl. Attorney’s Office to persuade them to offer Marissa Alexander, the woman who received a 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot, a plea deal. 429 more words


Meanwhile In Florida: Woman Forced To Poop On Lawn By Police, Lawmakers To Restrict Media Access To Stand Your Ground Records...AND MORE!

Today in “Stories From Florida” we have a woman who was forced by police to defecate in her own lawn, lawmakers who are trying to restrict media access to Stand Your Ground case records and a man who told police he was on his way to kill his friend. 458 more words


State of Florida vs. Robert Lavern Henry- Death Warrant Case

Quick Facts:

- November 1, 1987, police and firefighters respond to a 9:30 p.m. call about a fire at a Deerfield Beach fabric store where they discovered Phyllis Harris and Janet Thermidor, two of the store’s employees. 231 more words