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If You Don't Know! News & Politics Roundup: Newark Police Search For Witnesses In Case Of Slain Cheerleader...AND MORE!

Newark, New Jersey Police are looking for potential witnesses following the killing of a high school cheerleader that took place just two weeks after graduation. Cheyanne Bond, 17, was shot and became Newark’s third homicide in a 24-hour period last weekend. 193 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: Drug Dealer Hides $400 Dollars In Rectum During Arrest...AND MORE!

In today’s edition of “Stories from Florida,” we learned how one man found the ultimate coin purse, and how another’s careless mistake caused a baby to lose its life.  355 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: Man Arrested For Beating Brother With Marijuana Plant...AND MORE!

Today in “Stories from Florida,” we have a Floridian who beat his brother with a marijuana plant and another who peed on a man’s lawn and shot him when he complained about it. 267 more words


So This Happened: Florida Man Beats Pregnant Relative With A Cheeseburger (DETAILS)

Cheeseburgers are meant to eat. But in Florida, apparently they are also meant to be weapons.

A 23-year-old man was arrested last week after he hit a pregnant family member with the edible goodness and then shoved her. 98 more words


Meanwhile, In Florida: High School Senior Banned From Graduation After Engraving Giant Penis Into School's Field…AND MORE!

Man, kids in Florida can be such dicks.

For “Meanwhile, in Florida” this week, we look at a student who drew an obscene object into his school’s grass, an appropriately-titled sex ring, and huge holes in the ground. 189 more words