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McCain: "I thought [Romney] was going to run"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) joined Dana Bash to discuss the 2016 Republican election, the Obama-Netanyahu relationship, and the protesters during Henry Kissinger’s congressional hearing. 2,454 more words

Dana Bash

Lame Duck on the Loose!

“The bear’s on the loose!” That’s what President Barack Obama reportedly likes to say when a herd of Secret Service agents escort him out of the White House. 780 more words

Operation Lightning 2015

Last year I triumphantly shouted to anyone who would listen about how I would be publishing the first ‘season’ of my Lightning novellas in 2015, starting in April 2015 so that the final part would be launched in time with Christmas 2015. 513 more words


The Freaks of Nature Present: The State of the Union

Incoming transmission:

We experienced a bit of technical difficulty this last week.  Our regular post is supposed to be on Friday but our system had a meltdown.   298 more words

The Freaks Of Nature

State of the Union: Behind the Scenes

After watching the State of the Union address last year, I posted a few pictures for laughs. Although it was very juvenile, it got a really great response. 43 more words

Mic check: DesertAbba

The Sad State of the Union

by DesertAbba

To say that our State of the Union is strong is like insisting that our marriage is strong because we’re sticking together for the kids. 462 more words

Civil Rights

Obamarama: Why He's (almost) the Greatest Policy Visionary of the Last Half-Century

I’m not going to hide it- I’m an Obama fan. I have been since rumblings of his bid started to rise in 2006. His charisma, his presidential demeanor, his birthing from an important component of the Democratic machine- all of these were appealing. 2,778 more words