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Japan's new secrecy law focuses on journalists and free speech

“Abe colour” is an expression occasionally used in Japan’s domestic media. It means those government policies that reflect Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s personal views, and the term relates to his hawkish security policies.

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Feds: 'No Fly List' Court Case Would Expose State Secrets

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A judge will hear arguments from the federal government that a constitutional challenge to its No Fly List should be tossed out of court because it would expose state secrets. 152 more words


Weirdly, Chinese Journalists Can No Longer Publish 'Unpublicized Information'

Chinese journalists discovered on July 8 that they had been scooped. More than a week before, the press authority had tightened the screws on the nation’s beleaguered press corps by issuing a set of ambiguous rules that give authorities significant latitude to silence reporters. 579 more words

China says it will punish journalists just for talking about "state secrets"

Like most governments, China is paranoid about its state secrets being exposed by pesky journalists. And like most governments, it has rules in place that make it difficult for reporters to publish such secrets, or for politicians to leak them. 333 more words

No-fly lists

A federal judge has ruled that the procedures for the no-fly list were unconstitutional:

The federal government bars people on the list from boarding flights in the United States or flying through American airspace.

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