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Anti-Syriza propaganda begins: Greece framed as 'emerging hub for terrorists'

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Does Greece really have a terrorist problem?

by Stuart J. Hooper

Greece’s new anti-austerity and anti-Western Oligarchy ruling party, Syriza, is coming under attack from an all too familiar angle. 400 more words


Winston Churchill:the Imperial Monster

This week Britain is commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill. Millions of people worldwide watched his state funeral on television in 1965, and thousands of people lined the streets of London to pay their last respects as his cortege slowly passed. 409 more words


Jammu Kashmir: BJP tries to hook power hungry PDP to launch a fragile cabinet!

BJP tries to hook power hungry PDP to launch a fragile cabinet!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


As Delhi poll date is nearing, the BJP is going all out to get a majority by hook or crooks so that it could overcome the current AAPphobia and for that BJP must show to Delhiites that it could muster a majority in Kashmir. 622 more words

The saddest thing in the world is not poverty; it's loss of dignity

A Pakistani homeless man rests by a road in Karachi. In a world of poverty and injustice, who are the undignified? Is it the poor or the rich? 527 more words