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Pakistan do you want peace

“This was inevitable and I am afraid this is just the starting!” – Danial Ahmed

These words recently messaged to me were the words I did not want to hear. 442 more words


South Indian state of Kerala to ban alcohol

South Indian state of Kerala to ban alcohol

Liquor state?

Needless to say that smoking and drinking liquor are harmful to… 2,846 more words

Palestine, 'Israel' and 'justice'

by Tony Norfield

Israeli racism and violence should obviously be condemned, but land theft is the key question. Consider this: on what basis should the slaughter by Europeans of Jews before 1945 result in the allocation of Palestinian land to Zionist settlers by imperialist powers in 1948? 150 more words

Imperialism And Anti-imperialism

Ferguson as Allegory – State of our Family

The incidents in Ferguson might be likened to a case of lethal domestic violence. A misunderstanding, which instead of being talked out, led to a killing. 1,152 more words


Ukraine: USA and Europe shaky, Russia firm!

Ukraine: USA and Europe shaky, Russia firm!



Notwithstanding all pressure tactics including economic sanctions by the USA and EU, Russia has remained bold to slap ban on imports from USA and EU countries, causing heavy economic losses. 1,327 more words

Foreign Policy - Unilateralism